The story behind Diego Rivera’s mural is being investigated

The story behind Diego Rivera’s mural is being investigated
The story behind Diego Rivera’s mural is being investigated

Place. The mural under analysis is located in the Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum.

As part of the 90th anniversary of the mural “Man Controller of the Universe”, the Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum presents the exhibition “Diego Rivera. New life for a mural destroyed 1933/1934”.

The exhibition, which features more than 30 pieces on display, brings together for the first time in one room the studies Rivera made for the mural “Man at the Crossroads,” which looks with hope and great vision toward the choice of a new and better future, which he made for the Rockefeller Center in New York (United States) in 1934, commissioned by the Rockefeller family. But shortly after it was censored and destroyed for including the face of Vladimir Lenin. Eventually, the concept was “transferred” to Bellas Artes in Mexico City.


Two of these studies date from 1932 and belong to the Bank of Mexico, while the third is from 1931 and was loaned by the collection of Juan Rafael Coronel Rivera. Although these are works that were made for the New York mural, these antecedents allow us to observe the Bellas Artes mural with different eyes.

To unravel the story behind the mural, the exhibition begins with Rivera’s trip to Moscow in 1927, where he had access to visual materials to reference the aesthetics of the Soviet Union in his work.

The exhibition also features original photographs of the process of the Bellas Artes mural. And although it is a work and an artist that have been constantly studied, the curator says there are still gaps that need to be investigated:

Diego Rivera. New life for a destroyed mural 1933/1934 will be open to the public in the Siqueiros and Camarena galleries of Bellas Artes until September 8.

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