Urbaser tracks the street sweepers’ vehicles in Burgos by GPS

Urbaser tracks the street sweepers’ vehicles in Burgos by GPS
Urbaser tracks the street sweepers’ vehicles in Burgos by GPS

Technological advances are not always seen in the same way. Thus, while the company Urbaser has found in GPS positioning systems the opportunity to improve the provision of street cleaning services, some workers who are dedicated to sweeping the streets have not liked at all that the winner of the most expensive contract of all those signed by the City Council has decided to place devices on their cars that provide instant information about their location.

The placement of GPS allows, among other things, to increase the control that exists over the cars since it provides information about the streets they have traveled through, the time they have been stopped at a certain point… In other words, if the City Council, for example, sends a notice to Urbaser reporting that a street is dirty, the company will be able to verify whether the street sweeper has passed through it and has been cleaning it.

One of Urbaser’s workers, who gave his testimony anonymously, admits that he doesn’t like the fact that this device has been placed on the cart, since “it seems that they don’t trust our work.” He also adds that he likes to leave the tool stationary and create piles of rubbish and then collect it with this small vehicle, since he believes that this is the most efficient method. In other words, he is worried that the company might interpret that he has been stationary for too long and that he has not done the job properly.

He also comments that he does not like that they have been told that “there may be consequences” if they do not charge the GPS when they leave the car at the police station on San Pablo Street. Even more so when “the cables are very short and do not have enough length to plug them in.”

This system has been in place for many years in other Spanish cities such as Madrid, where a pilot test was carried out at one time that ended up making this measure permanent.

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