Spain – Bahamas live

Spain – Bahamas live
Spain – Bahamas live

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Hello, good afternoon and welcome to the grand finale of Valencia Pre-OlympicToday is the day, it is when you cannot fail and victory leads directly to the Paris Olympics. Spain and Bahamas They play the ticket in the Fontetavictory is the border that marks a great success from a terrible disappointment.

Spain has been playing in the Games since 2000. It missed the 1996 event and has not missed since, that is, six Games with the presence of the selection of the basketball tournamentIt is very difficult to even think about the possibility that Paris break that streak. And yet it is a reality because Bahamas It is a fearsome rival that is facing its biggest challenge in its history, playing for the first time in GamesThe two teams are just one step away.

Both coaches have complained that they have not seen their teams at their best in the matches of this Pre-Olympic tournament. Perhaps they are saving themselves for the final. Bahamasa team with a lot of NBA talent, Eric Gordon, Buddy Hield, DeAndre Aytonand players with a great future, such as Edgecombeis as anarchic as it is dangerous if it catches one of its good streaks. It has shown the face of a team that is devastating in attack against another with defensive fissures and little organization.

Spain will have to defend hard and attack better because it will need to be above the 80 points to win. but if the team has done something scario Throughout the Italian’s years at the helm, it is about responding when the demands are at their highest and safety nets no longer exist.

The statistics in this tournament make the match even more even. Bahamas has scored 275 points to Spain’s 274. And both teams average 37 rebounds per game. La Familia surpasses its rival in assists and the Caribbeans are better in three-point shots.

It will be the first match in history between Spain y Bahamas. And they have chosen a sensational setting like the Pre-Olympic final. Everything is at stake and nobody can hold anything back. The match is at 8:30 p.m. and we will tell you about it in

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