Letters to the editor: This scourge must be stopped | Opinion

Letters to the editor: This scourge must be stopped | Opinion
Letters to the editor: This scourge must be stopped | Opinion

After several sexist crimes in just a few days and with families broken by pain, continuing to endure comments, including political speeches, that say that “violence has no gender”, that “there are many false accusations” or that “laws always protect women more” seems to be “normal”, but the statistics indicate absolutely the opposite. Between 2009 and 2020 there were 0.03% of false accusations, in no way can that serve to ignore the vast majority. The laws are only dedicated to trying to make real equality effective since equality before the law, as we well know, falls short. It is not about giving more rights to women, but about eliminating privileges that were already given, which can cause some discomfort especially in those who benefited from them. Enough of talking from misinformation, of trying to justify the unjustifiable and of downplaying the problem, as if replacing a painted traffic light were more accurate than ending this silent but highly lethal pandemic.

I would go to Retamero Arias. Fornes (Granada)

We have to make an effort

I am 27 years old, I am young and I am beginning to understand what life is about. That is why I also have a social and political conscience, and I make use of it. I wonder how many young people buy into the populist and fascist speeches that come to destroy everything. I think and rethink about the ability of Vox and its new cousin Alvise to spread their mud. Lies, hoaxes and hatred that walk, run and fly without limits. Curiosity has led me to look at the aforementioned Telegram channel and see the barbarities that are poured out and how they cheer each other on. I am worried about the future. What can I do? I don’t know. It is up to us to make an effort and defend what we have, respect, coexistence and democracy.

Hugo Baez Diaz. Firgas (Las Palmas)

Maritime law

Not only would the Navy ships not be able to stop a boat that wanted to reach Spain, as the PP is asking, but they would have to rescue those on board. The current Chief of the Defence Staff explained this clearly when he was Chief of the Navy Staff: he responded to the naval blockade that Vox proposed in the Canary Islands to end illegal immigration by saying that “if any Spanish warship encounters a boat and the lives of those on it are in danger, its legal and moral obligation is to rescue them.” The PP’s request, therefore, is not only another blunder in its desire to adopt Vox’s far-right discourse, but it also violates maritime law.

Mario Suarez. Batteries (Seville)

Pet abandonment

Spain is the European country where most pets are abandoned. More than 280,000 last year, according to the Affinity Foundation. This is usually because the owners do not have the time or space to care for them. It is a shame that they did not realise this before buying or adopting the pets. Buying or adopting animals irresponsibly is the worst way to fight against animal abandonment and abuse.

Jose-Benigno Perez Rico. Madrid

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