“The Chilean player has a bit more difficulty, the Argentinean player catches on quickly”

“The Chilean player has a bit more difficulty, the Argentinean player catches on quickly”
“The Chilean player has a bit more difficulty, the Argentinean player catches on quickly”


Alexis Sanchez He had a relaxed conversation with his former teammate Mark Gonzalez, who through his YouTube channel shared the conversation he had in Italy with the “Wonder Boy.”

The dialogue It happened last March, after the then Inter Milan player’s participation with La Roja in the friendlies against Albania and France, instance that led him to reflect on his current role in the team.

“There are a lot of young people in the team. Sometimes I am demanding, but always with a constructive spirit. I compare them with Lautaro Martínez, I tell him two things and he learns quickly. The Chilean player takes a little more time, the Argentinean learns quickly,” said the Tocopilla player.highlighting the need for greater progress in the minor series.

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In Chile we are bad at organization. It is about having a plan for small children“It’s the plan and the experience,” he said, acknowledging that he is still relevant to the Chilean team.

“Every time I play I enjoy it as if it were my last. I like to learn and improve. Every time I play for the national team I run like a 21-year-old, physically I feel spectacular,” said Alexis Sánchez, critical of the way young athletes today are bombarded by social media.

“It can be a source of motivation or frustration for children. I think the best thing is to enjoy football, which is what I do to this day and it is what has made me what I am (…) The networks consume too much. The boy thinks he is number one in the world and in two days, because of a message that someone sends him, he can become the worst in the world.”he said, also taking a jab at the media.

“The same press affects you. I think that sometimes he has to make more constructive criticism, to help the player. I understand that he did make a mistake in a play. There are people who have never played and understand a lot, and some who have played and don’t understand. There is everything, but you have to be empathetic. “They can criticize me in Chile and I wonder who is criticizing me, a person who is paid to go on a program,” stressed the “Wonder Boy.”

“I have done what I have done in my life: I am the all-time top scorer, with the most games for the national team, the most assists, the most games in the Qualifiers, the most goals in the Qualifiers. I don’t know what other record to set.” What am I missing to argue with someone who never hit a ball or who never surpassed me? With respect I can listen to him if he makes a constructive criticism, but in Chile they try to hurt a young man. Criticize me, I handle it well with experience today, but not a kid who is criticized on social media.”, concluded Alexis Sánchez in the conversation with Mark González, which you can review in full below.

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