Humanization Plan for N-502 awarded for 7 million

Humanization Plan for N-502 awarded for 7 million
Humanization Plan for N-502 awarded for 7 million

The Humanisation Plan project to improve some sections of the old N-502 in Talavera has taken a further step with the awarding of its works. The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has decided to award the project to the firm Construcciones Rubau SA for a total of 7,036,662.14 euros.

The adaptation to urban mobility and humanisation criteria of the N-502a section in Talavera de la Reina is part of the European Union’s Next Generation Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, and has an execution period of 15 months.

The offer from Construcciones Rubau SA was the most advantageous in terms of quality and price for the administration, amounting to 5,815,423.26 euros (7,036,662.14 euros with VAT) and a total of 97.44 points. Of these, 48.63 correspond to the technical score and the rest, 48.81, to the economic proposal.

The Madrid-based company was awarded the contract by obtaining the highest rating from a total of 24 companies, which were eligible to tender after four others were excluded for making abnormally low offers and failing to justify their bids adequately.

This marks the beginning of one of the major projects that, initiated in the previous term, will help improve the image and services of the city, while also promoting efficiency and accessibility in many of its main streets.

It is worth noting that the Humanisation Plan was developed in conjunction with the project to widen the old NV, which also includes the rehabilitation of the Alberche bridge, which will also have two lanes in each direction. In total, around 26 million euros will be allocated to improving the image and environment of the city.

Humanization work. The project takes its name from the work to “humanise” the urban environment in the space delimited by a section of this road, which starts at the roundabout on Avenida de Portugal and Calle Cosme Gómez de Tejada, passes through Puerta de Cuartos, Paseo Padre Juan de Mariana, Ronda Sur and Ronda del Cañillo to Puente del Príncipe, that is, at kilometre points 114 to 117. Also at kilometre points 118 to 119 from the roundabout on the CM-4102 road in Los Navalmorales to the roundabout that connects with the Variante Suroeste.

In this area, the pavement will be renovated, bicycle lanes shared with vehicles and cycle lanes will be built, in addition to the renovation of all public lighting and the works to replace services and install the necessary street furniture.

The action, according to the text, aims to give an urban character and use to the old N-502 in Talavera, for which an adaptation and improvement of the pedestrian routes is carried out, the aesthetic conditioning of the space of the crossing by means of the implementation of landscaped areas, and the construction of routes for the use of bicycles, either separately or shared with the rest of the users of the road. Likewise, the urban furniture of all the sections will be renewed to modernize and unify it, making it more accessible.

The Humanisation Plan has as its particularity its continuity beyond the Puente del Príncipe, in a peri-urban section, the one that runs between the roundabout at the end of this bridge and the next one, already on Avenida de La Jara (start of the Alcaudete road), up to the junction with the Variante Suroeste. This road will be provided with a 1.80 metre bicycle lane and a pavement of the same width, as long as the dimensions allow it on both sides of the road. Like the rest of the sections, the lighting will be improved with a gender perspective to make it safer.

Following its improvement with European funds, the City Council will take over ownership of the almost 5 kilometres of urban sections of this old route of the National 502, now still classified as highways as it belongs to the Ministry. Similarly, the Regional Government will take over ownership of the Puente del Príncipe, which until now belonged to the State.

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