Culture in the courtyards | The Adelantado of Segovia

Culture in the courtyards | The Adelantado of Segovia
Culture in the courtyards | The Adelantado of Segovia

It is well known that our city has a great wealth of forests surrounding it, gardens within it and also numerous courtyards and even private gardens, especially within the walled area.

Well, there has never been a lack of some of these venues, especially during the summer, where cultural activities were held: music, conferences, recitals…

We are now faced with two of these scenarios that serve as “repeaters” in cultural activities aimed at residents and visitors, which are never lacking, especially at this time.

In the Garden of the Senses, inside the Quintanar Palace, which is, as is known, under the control of the Junta de Castilla y León, we have a wide and varied programme, highly appreciated for its success in previous years. The events take place during July and August, at 9.30 in the evening, with a very varied programme that is perfectly acceptable to all types of spectators who attend on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. At the same time, visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the contemporary art exhibitions open this season.

The management of the Palace tells me that there is a variety of performances ranging from jazz to flamenco, from singer-songwriters to folk, from electronic music to pop. What I don’t know is whether the very modern and up-to-date “hyperpop” will be included in the extensive programme, the so-called subgenre of experimental pop music that originated in the United Kingdom a few years ago.

And we go to another courtyard, well known also by visitors to the Jewish quarter and these days for being once again (and this is the 23rd edition!) the stage of the Festival of Oral Storytellers. It is the courtyard of Andrés Laguna’s house, once again the central venue of this very veteran festival under the direction of Ignacio Sanz, previously a prominent ceramicist and also a writer and narrator, to whom the City Council has again and logically entrusted the organisation.

Ignacio’s initiative, which is already traditional among us, is like a memory that goes back many years, to those who were called bards, the poets of the Celts, that is, then vates, minstrels, rhapsodists… And today expert narrators and storytellers of words capable of astonishing with their varied stories, many learned by inheritance, the large public that will not fail in the evenings (10:00 p.m.) from the 4th to the 10th of this month.

But on this occasion the Magic of the Storytellers will be increased with a new event to be held in the courtyard of the Casa de Machado, from the 7th to the 9th at eight in the evening. The new event is entitled “Poetry also counts”, with prominent figures in the field and musical sessions in some of them, contributing to a new cultural activity within the long-standing Oral Storytellers programme.

And one hope: that the already incomprehensible weather conditions will not be able to interrupt these activities.

ANECDOTE. The Spain-Georgia football match and the name of the Georgian goalkeeper, Giorgi, brought back memories of a former prince of that country and heir to the throne, George (Giorgi) Bagration, whom I knew and got to know because we often met as motor informants at the presentations of new models. George, a friendly and affable man, often told us of his aspirations to be king of Georgia, because he was the son of the emigrated prince Georguievich. He was born in Rome, but was brought to Spain when he was six months old. In 1991 he was recognised by the government and parliament of Georgia as head of the former royal house. In Spain his habitual residence was Marbella; He was married twice and visited his homeland for the first time when his father died in 1995. He moved to Georgia a few years ago, where he had two children, and died in Tbilisi in January 2008 at the age of 63. He devoted his entire life to motor racing, first as a test driver of new car models and then as a professional driver. He won numerous awards in rallies and in Formula 1.

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