History of the Valencia Music Band Competition

History of the Valencia Music Band Competition
History of the Valencia Music Band Competition

My memories of a summer night They sound like band musicFor me, as for many Valencians, the month of July has a notable date: el Music Band Competition. To understand the reason, most of those who read the article will only need to know that I spent the whole summer in lilythe “City of Music”, where there is no siesta without a stopover in the background.

In 1988, the two bands from Llíria, Unió Musical and Primitiva, competed for the last time in the competition. The tension to find out who would win was palpable in every street. And it didn’t matter if one was first and the other second. There could only be one winner and the other would be the humiliated one. I would say that the triumph of one was celebrated as much as the defeat of the other.

It was the rivalry that has taken them to the first division, to forge entire generations of musicians who have traveled the world with their talent, driving the Valencian Community is also a land where music is cultivated in each municipality.

In all this, the Valencia City Music Band Competition had a lot to do with it. It was first held in 1886It is the oldest in the world. Competition stimulates ingenuity, the capacity for effort and the feeling of belonging. It is like that stress that, in its right measure, makes us more effective.

This year, the Llíria Primitiva will not be competing in the International Band Competition. Only the Unió Musical will do it. The two from Buñol will compete: The Harmonica and the Artistic thus forming a very high level competition, since three of the so-called “G-6” bands are competing.

The Valencia City Council has been involved in promoting this event by reserving a budget totaling 600,000 euros. 3,200 musicians and more than 40 bands will fill the Palau de la Música. A real treat for music lovers, although there, where I still spend part of my summers, I cannot repeat one of the moments that marked my childhood.

On second thought, maybe they did me a favor because almost no one will be upset if I end up saying: “May the Union win (one more)”.

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