The winner of GH Argentina 2024 was announced and it is…Bautista!

The winner of GH Argentina 2024 was announced and it is…Bautista!
The winner of GH Argentina 2024 was announced and it is…Bautista!

This Sunday night was the final gala of Big Brother 2024, with Bauti, Emma and Nico as finalists and all the former players in the studio, along with family, friends, panelists and the general public.

The red carpet before the gala welcomed all the former participants of the season, who will return to the Telefe screen on Monday night for a very special awards gala, where the program will award prizes such as “The funniest” or “The best player” among the players of this edition.

But all eyes were on the grand prize, which was changed at the last minute when Santiago del Moro came to have dinner with the finalists. From a house for each finalist, plus a cash prize depending on their result, it will now be 5 million and a motorcycle for third place, 10 million and a motorcycle for second place, and 70 million pesos plus a house for the big winner.

In the first intervention of the night, and as many guessed, Nicolás was the first finalist to leave the house, with barely 2% of the positive vote from the public, leaving the face to face between Bautista and Emma.

After more than half an hour of waiting and while Nico was reunited with his family and friends, with Flor, and the former participants of the reality show, outside the most famous house in the country, Santiago del Moro finally announced the winner.

Contrary to what was indicated by the trend from several polls on social networks that were carried out this week, with 56% of the public voting in favor!Bauti was the winner of the game!

She beat Emma, ​​who received 42% of the votes and came in second place.

Monday 08.07

00:56 Bautista turned off the lights…

Bauti was then in charge of turning off the lights of the most famous house in the country and leaving it tightly closed until the next edition of GH.

Monday 08.07

00:26 Iconic: this is how Emma arrived at the studio

Monday 08.07

00:02 And the winner is…

Domingo 07.07

23:48 The reflection of all the participants of GH 2024

While awaiting the public’s final decision, all the Big Brother 2024 players expressed their final reflection on the experience lived in the most famous house in the country.

Domingo 07.07

23:29 This was Nico’s reunion with his family and friends

Once outside the house, Nico met up with his family and friends in the Telefé studio.

He was also welcomed by his former GH colleagues. But the most anticipated reunion, without a doubt, was with Flor…

Domingo 07.07

23:06 Third place…

The first to be eliminated in this Sunday’s gala was Nicolas, with only 2% of the positive vote, and came in third place.

This is how Nico left the most famous house in the country:

Domingo 07.07

23:05 The message for the public

Inside the house, Emma, ​​Nico and Bauti made a final toast and left a message for the audience.

Domingo 07.07

22:49 Red carpet…or rather, blue

Outside the house, meanwhile, fans, friends, family, and former contestants dressed up to wait for the finalist in the studio.

Licha and Zoe are the first on the blue carpet.

“Virzana” was also present, with great elegance…

Stunning, Sabri and Luchi…

Denisse and Florencia also walked the blue carpet. Flor, for her part, promised to bathe “every day” if her partner (Nico) wins the game.

Rosi, Agos, Mauro and Paloma also appeared dressed in their finery before the final.

Joel and Alan showed off their outfits on this big night…

What a face Hernan and Williams have…

Domingo 07.07

22:35 Profiles

“Funny, expressive and has pop music in his blood,” GH describes Emma, ​​while assuring that Bauti is “restless and conciliatory” and Nico is “a friend and a strategist always ready to reflect.” One of the three will emerge victorious from the final.

Domingo 07.07

22:31 This Sunday night the final of Big Brother Argentina 2024 will be decided.

The public decided between Bautista, Nicolás and Emmanuel and the final decision will be known at midnight.

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