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THE AUTHOR is an economist and communicator. He lives in Santo Domingo.

In these turbulent and contradictory times that the world is experiencing, and especially in the area of ​​communication, where what is sought is many likes regardless of the means and the consequences, it is a titanic task to be able to keep alive media and printed or digital publications whose purpose is to sow values, contribute to the construction of a responsible citizenship and multiply love and gratitude to God.

To communicate with dignity and values ​​in this day and age, you need a lot of faith and extraordinary strength. Right now, a false but shocking piece of news, or a shocking vulgarity, is much more popular and becomes a trend faster and lasts longer than any article, commentary or report that calls for raising awareness about the values ​​of the country.

Large amounts of advertising from both the private sector and the government are placed in the media, which shocks with vulgarities and things that are embarrassing.

Despite these many difficulties and obstacles, for almost four decades now, together with my wife Zinayda, we decided to take the path of creating constructive communication and direct our work in the media to serve others and sow values ​​in Dominican society.

After having been employees of many producers and important figures in television and the media in the country, in 2014 we made the decision to create Señales TV, a television channel whose main purpose has been, precisely, to sow values, defend the family, marriages and the nation.

In this year 2024, Señales TV reaches its tenth anniversary as a medium that has a programming full of healthy and fun content where it encourages the defense of family values, marriages, patriotic values, and the Christian faith.

And three years ago, as a way to continue promoting the channel’s mission, we decided to start publishing the Señales Magazine, both in print and digital format, which has become an effective means of disseminating articles with patriotic, social, cultural and family content and of disseminating all the activities and projects that our television channel carries out and sponsors.

As the start of the celebration of the first ten years of Señales TV, the sixth edition of the magazine was launched this week, with diverse, attractive and instructive content. This edition, which is available in print and digital format, includes as a central article a work that highlights the main achievements of Señales TV in this decade of sowing values, with firmness, with decision and with a lot of love.

Likewise, three articles of historical-patriotic content are included, one on the historical dimension of President Francisco Alberto Caamaño Deñó, another on the father of the country, Juan Pablo Duarte, and a third on the act of recognition carried out by the Senate of the Republic to the National Hero, Gregorio Urbano Gilbert.

Also included is a work on the historic concert “Entre mar y palmeras” by Juan Luis Guerra and 4-40, and a very instructive article on “Finances in marriages,” which provides couples with guidance on how to properly manage resources to avoid conflicts that lead to divorce.

The printed version of Señales magazine is free and can be obtained in pharmacies, supermarkets and the central office of the channel. The digital version can be obtained with just one click on the website www.señalestv.

Another article in the magazine reports that the central activity of the celebration of Señales TV’s tenth anniversary will be the premiere of the documentary “Ercilia Pepín, an example of teaching, patriotism and dignity”, a film production that highlights the life and work of this transcendental teacher and patriot from Santiago.

The premiere of this documentary is scheduled for the last quarter of this year and will be followed by the “Ercilia Expedition” event, a tour of high schools and universities in the country presenting the documentary, so that students and teachers can learn about and appreciate the dimension of the life and work of this great teacher and patriot from Santiago.

As we reach this tenth anniversary of Señales TV and are able to publish this sixth edition of the magazine, we give thanks to Almighty God for having allowed us to develop all this work to sow values ​​in society and for always being our support, our guide and our strength to carry out all these projects. Thank you, Heavenly Father!

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