Money is money

Money is money
Money is money

Years later, regional financing continues to be a weapon between the central government and the different communities. An issue that, far from acting as a tool for harmonisation between citizens, becomes a valuable trading card based on partisan interests. We see this again in relation to the open negotiations for the formation of the new Executive in Catalonia, where the bar for possible support for governability has just been raised by ERC to a PSC that won the last elections but needs the support of Ezquerra Republicana to overcome the investiture of its candidate, Salvador Illa. “Money is money”, never better said, because it rains on wet ground since the time of Jordi Pujol, when the old Convergence was key to opening the door of La Moncloa to one and the other.

The multilateral logic required by a capital issue in the Spain of the autonomous regions and which also has a decision-making body such as the Council of Fiscal and Financial Policy, is squandered in the interests of governability without regard to the necessary equality between the citizens, regardless of their place of residence.

The mere fact of referring to this financing with the term “singular” already implies an exclusive meaning, contrary to the plurality that must prevail in the fair distribution of a nation’s public funds. There are already enough indicators (the last one, the average salary by communities) that show the imbalance of a balance that, curiously, always leans in favor of those autonomous communities that say they contribute more to the common fund.

It is painful to think that the historically most favoured territories are once again clinging to the atavistic tactic of navel-gazing without even glancing at their neighbours. And it is even more disconsolate to see that, after four decades of democracy, the prevailing nationalism is, more than a historical and emotional question, a first-rate accounting trick.

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