“Convening a constituent assembly is the least the country needs” Juan Manuel Santos news today

“Convening a constituent assembly is the least the country needs” Juan Manuel Santos news today
“Convening a constituent assembly is the least the country needs” Juan Manuel Santos news today

Former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize winner, in an interview

Photo: Oscar Perez

Through his X account, former president Juan Manuel Santos spoke about the constituent assembly that has been conceived in the Casa de Nariño and that has become the topic of the moment. According to the former president, “in this degree of uncertainty that the country is experiencing, the proposal to convene a constituent assembly is the last thing we need.”

For Santos, this proposal by President Gustavo Petro is “inconvenient, unnecessary and is a dead end.” He also pointed out that there is “no time, no votes, no arguments” for a constituent assembly to move forward and become a reality.

The former president, who has repeatedly said that he does not agree with the idea of ​​calling for this figure, also left a question hanging: “What in the 1991 Constitution is not useful for doing what needs to be done? What needs to be changed?”

A week ago, President Petro and the Nobel Peace Prize winner held a meeting, which was postponed for several months. Although the topic of the constituent proposal was discussed at that meeting, the central focus was on the Peace Agreement. However, sources confirmed to this newspaper that Santos again mentioned that his main legacy as president (the signing of the Havana agreements) cannot be used for constituent purposes, even though Petro and several of his followers insist that it does open that path.

Santos also referred to the recent appointment of Juan Fernando Cristo as the new Minister of the Interior, a position that Cristo had already occupied during the administration of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, more precisely between August 7, 2014 and May 25, 2017. “He was a good Minister of the Interior in my government and I hope he does well in his new responsibility so that the country does well,” said the former president.

He added: “He, as well as other former officials of mine who have been appointed to important positions, have been chosen for their qualities, for their personal abilities and not as representatives of the Santismo, because the Santismo does not exist. I retired from active politics, I am not interested in continuing to cling to power, I do not participate in elections, I do not have a party, I do not have and will not have quotas in the government.”

Minister Juan Fernando Cristo has a mission: to develop a national dialogue “with all sectors of society.” The result of these conversations, he said, could be the convening of a National Constituent Assembly to be held after the presidential elections of 2026. In addition, he revealed that this national conversation will begin next week, although the details of how the methodology will be are still pending.

“We are going to talk to all sectors, we are going to listen to each other. There are many differences, there are deep differences, but, and I do not resign myself as a Colombian, we cannot accept that it has definitely become impossible to reach an agreement on anything in Colombia. That does immense damage to society and is what has hindered Colombia’s development possibilities,” said Cristo in dialogue with The viewer.

In a third message, the former president told both the new head of the political portfolio and President Petro to dedicate themselves to implementing the Peace Agreement. “As the international community will ask President Petro to do at the Security Council this week in New York. That would be a very good government program for the two years he has left, since it does not require constitutional reforms,” concluded the former president.

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