‘Chicho’ Salas and Cristian Benavente are involved in a tense discussion after César Vallejo’s victory over Universitario | Sports

‘Chicho’ Salas and Cristian Benavente are involved in a tense discussion after César Vallejo’s victory over Universitario | Sports
‘Chicho’ Salas and Cristian Benavente are involved in a tense discussion after César Vallejo’s victory over Universitario | Sports

Cristian Benavente was reportedly unhappy with ‘Chicho’ Salas’ decisions, which motivated him to confront him. Photo: LR/UCV composition/screenshot

Last Sunday the friendly match was played between the Universitario and César Vallejo teams as preparation for their respective debuts in the Closing Tournamentwhich starts next Friday. In this match, the winner was the Trujillo team, who beat the ‘cremas’ 1-0 thanks to the goal scored by Yorley Mena. However, what seemed to be a happy afternoon for the ‘poets’ resulted in a strong internal discussion.

While all the visiting team’s players were celebrating, the broadcast showed Cristian Benavente and ‘Chicho’ Salas standing apart from the others, speaking in what seemed to be an excited tone. Here we tell you more about what was seen at the end of the friendly match.

Why did ‘Chicho’ Salas and Cristian Benavente argue?

The Monumental Stadium was the scene of the preparation match between University student and the Cesar Vallejo Universitywhich ended with a 1-0 victory for the northern team. This victory meant a great morale boost for the ‘poets’, who will try to improve the image they left in the Apertura in the second half of Liga 1.

However, despite the joy that filled the entire Trujillo squad, it seemed that one of the players was not entirely happy. The Gol Perú broadcast showed the exact moments in which Christian Benavente seemed to demand something from Guillermo ‘Chicho’ Salasthe visiting team’s technical director, who reportedly tried to calm him down.

But what caused the exchange of words between the former Alianza Lima player and the coach? We don’t know for sure, but it was probably the player’s annoyance at the few minutes of play he had in the match. ‘Kid’ He entered just a few seconds before the end of the match, and that would have caused him discomfort, so he confronted the strategist.

After the incident, no one knows how the meeting ended, except for the two people involved, but it was probably a situation that only arose in the moment. According to the images, Salas listened to his pupil’s request and explained the reasons for his decision.

How much has Cristian Benavente played since his arrival at César Vallejo?

Christian Benavente He arrived at César Vallejo at the beginning of 2024, coming from Alianza Lima, a team in which he hardly had any minutes in 2023 due to a serious injury that kept him off the field. In the Trujillo team he did not participate in the friendly matches prior to the start of the tournament; however, he entered in the second match against FBC Melgar.

Cristian Benavente was introduced by César Vallejo at the beginning of 2024 after playing for Alianza Lima. Photo: LFP

Including that match, ‘El Chaval’ participated in eight matches with the team’s shirt. Cesar Vallejo Universityamong which there are three matches for the CONMEBOL Sudamericana. But it is important to point out that only four of those matches were under the command of ‘Chicho’ Salassince it was previously directed by Roberto Mosquera, who was dismissed in March of this year.

When is César Vallejo’s debut in the Clausura Tournament?

The beginning of the path of Cesar Vallejo In the Clausura it will not be easy, because they will have to measure themselves against Lima Alliance On Saturday, July 13 at 3:30 p.m. Although there were initially many doubts regarding the venue where the match would be played, the truth is that the most concrete possibility would be the Mansiche Stadium, since the ‘poets’ will play at home on the first day.

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