Alleged sexual perverts brought to justice in Huila • La Nación

Alleged sexual perverts brought to justice in Huila • La Nación
Alleged sexual perverts brought to justice in Huila • La Nación

Three men were sent to prison for their alleged responsibility in the sexual assault suffered by several minors in the department of Huila.

According to the authorities, the events took place in the municipalities of Baraya, Aipe and Neiva. In all cases, the perpetrators had a family relationship with the victims.

In one of the cases, the man allegedly sexually abused his own niece, who was only 8 years old. In another case, the man allegedly had sexual intercourse with his two stepdaughters in a rural area of ​​Baraya, Huila.

In the third case, the defendant simulated a game with the child, possibly threatening to hurt her if she told him what had happened. “This action is believed to have happened while the victim was under the custody of the suspect. To commit the abuse, the suspect apparently simulated a game with the little girl,” confirmed the prosecutor.

The abuses of which the 6-year-old girl was a victim occurred between October 2018 and December 2022 in the town of Santa Rita, La Estrella de Aipe, Huila.

Thus, after the respective complaints were filed, investigative work was carried out that allowed the issuance of arrest warrants for the alleged perpetrators.

It was the units of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI), together with the National Police, who carried out the arrest warrants for the suspects to be brought before the courts.

The suspects were charged with the crimes of sexual abuse with a minor under 14 years of age, aggravated sexual acts with a minor under 14 years of age and violent sexual abuse. At the hearings, none of the individuals accepted the charges, however, the judge, with the evidence presented, supported the measure of detention in a prison against the three people.

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