First Annual ITF Taekwondo Exam – News – Patagonia Nexo

First Annual ITF Taekwondo Exam – News – Patagonia Nexo
First Annual ITF Taekwondo Exam – News – Patagonia Nexo

The ITF Municipal Taekwondo School, directed by Gisele Martin, held special classes with instructors from Río Gallegos before the first annual exam at the “Juan Carlos González” gym.

This Saturday, at the facilities of the “Juan Carlos González” gymnasium, the ITF Municipal Taekwondo School of 28 de Noviembre, under the direction of the ITF International Taekwondo Instructor, Gisele Martin, held special sessions prior to the first annual taekwondo exam. These sessions had the collaboration of prominent teachers from Río Gallegos: Master Alejandro Mellones, Sabom nim Fernando Román, and Sabom nim Mario Campillay. The sessions were divided into three groups according to the category and age of the participants.

Yesterday, Sunday, starting at 2:00 p.m., after a second day dedicated to black belts (Dan), approximately sixty-three students demonstrated the skills and knowledge acquired during the year. This annual exam not only evaluated physical prowess, but also the discipline, perseverance and commitment of each practitioner.

The event represented an important opportunity for evaluation and personal growth for the students of the ITF Municipal Taekwondo School.

This event not only tested their technical abilities, but also reinforced the core values ​​of taekwondo, such as discipline and dedication.

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