The Honda 0 EV will share its platform with the Afeela EV

The Honda 0 EV will share its platform with the Afeela EV
The Honda 0 EV will share its platform with the Afeela EV

A new report from Nikkei Honda says it will build its 0 Series EV on the same platform as the electric cars in its joint venture with Sony. The company unveiled two 0 Series prototypes at CES 2024: a sedan and an MPV. It is likely to unveil the final version of the former in 2025, a futuristic show car with, according to a report, a Autocar report, a design 90% ready for production.

In 2022, Honda established a 50-50 joint venture called ‘Sony Honda Mobility (SHM)’ for high-end electric cars under the Afeela brand. SHM unveiled a new electric sedan in concept form in 2023 and plans to showcase its production version in 2025. It will differentiate its EVs with a strong focus on the in-car experience. For example, customers will be able to play games remotely from their PlayStation console at home.

He Nikkei According to a report, a platform contributes about 10% of the cost of an EV and developing a new one costs more than $100 billion (about 92 billion euros). Honda and Sony are collaborating to cut costs and speed up development. With this partnership, the Japanese duo aims to combat the increasing cost competitiveness of Chinese electric car companies.

Honda suggests it wants to keep the next platform slim so it can keep the floor height low and offer more room for passengers. The company claims the batteries in the 0-series models will only need around 10-15 minutes for a 15-80% fast-charging session and expects them to retain more than 90% capacity after 10 years of use, offering customers stress-free ownership. It is likely to use pouch-type lithium-ion batteries in at least the next electric saloon.

Honda will launch seven small- to large-sized EVs under the 0 Series lineup by 2030, with the production version of the sedan concept at the top of the lineup. The company plans to offer these cars first in North America, then later in Japan, Asia and Europe, as well as the Middle East and South America. Nikkei estimates the average price of Honda 0 Series EVs will be around $40,000 and says the new family of electric cars will also include luxury models.

Honda will build the 0 Series electric sedan in Marysville, Ohio, US, starting in late 2025 and will source its batteries from a nearby 40 GWh factory owned in partnership with LG Energy Solutions in Fayette County, Ohio. This would allow the car to be launched in the US in early 2026. SHM also aims to begin delivering its electric sedan in 2026, starting with North American markets in the spring and then in Japan by the end of the year. (paywall),,,

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