Redundant resolution

Redundant resolution
Redundant resolution

The Ministry of Culture has issued a redundant resolution that seeks to curb vulgarity, incitement to violence, the destruction of reputations and many other evils through mass media.

The use of the term “redundant” is due to the fact that for years the State has had the legal mechanisms to deal with what the current resolution seeks to address.

What the authorities have lacked is the will to enforce the established rules to prevent what now seems uncontrollable.

Vulgarity in the media is seen as a social cancer that is spreading rapidly and risks causing irreversible damage.

The resolution in question from the Ministry of Culture would only be useful if it serves as a starting point for a social crusade to contain the vulgarity, violence and moral assassination that has taken over conventional media and modern social platforms.

The owners of these media outlets also have a primary responsibility to contain a phenomenon that poisons the soul of society and contributes to the spread of violence.

The phenomenon is not local, it has a global presence, therefore its approach cannot be isolated, although each country can do its part in isolation.

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