Leonese dominion –

Leonese dominion –
Leonese dominion –

In what was the start of the 17th International Friendship Bowling Tournament 2024, Leonese Jorge Ramos and Carlos Nava are leading the free and senior men’s categories, respectively.

Meanwhile, María Fernanda Cornejo is in second place in the women’s freestyle.

The competition began on Saturday night with the official opening, but the first rows were already being contested on Sunday and individually, Jorge Ramos occupies the first place with 955 pins, followed by Omar Torres Pérez with 935 and Sergio Medina with 921.

In the senior category, Carlos Nava, the host, is in first place, followed by Julio Reyes, also from León, and Carl Glory with 892, 884 and 862 pins, respectively.

In the women’s branch, Marlene Ávalos leads the women’s freestyle with 806 pins, followed by Marifer Cornejo with 792 and in third is Ámbar García with 760 pins.

In the senior women’s category, foreigner Evelyn Green takes first place with 778 pins, followed by Yudith Juvile with 739 and Lisa Smothecs with 737.

As for the team positions, in the senior category the first three places are occupied by: EPR with 3,255 pins, then Momias with 3,051 and third place goes to NY Seniors with 2,979.

In the free team category, first place is currently occupied by Monetti-Reactor He with 3,523 pins, followed by the hosts from Bol León with 3,339 and third place is occupied by Reactor He with 3,334 pins knocked down.

According to previous information, the tournament will continue today with a quartet event for the men’s branch, while the women’s event will continue with the couples event.

The actions of this 17th International Friendship Bowling Tournament 2024, which has the participation of one hundred bowlers from different countries, will resume this Monday from 11:00 in the morning.

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