Palencia leads the Red List of Heritage with 80 properties

Palencia leads the Red List of Heritage with 80 properties
Palencia leads the Red List of Heritage with 80 properties

Eighty Palencia properties are part of the Red List of Heritage promoted by the Hispania Nostra association. There is no province with more elements. The latest to enter this list were the Villalumbroso railway station, the Cinco Ojos de Grijota aqueduct and the Palencia Railway Orphanage.

In the first case, they claim that the building “is in a poor state of conservation with a risk of collapse, which poses a danger to people who approach the area.” They also detail that “the anchoring is very damaged, as its roof is largely detached.” In the second, it has “leaks in many of its points, which endangers its structure;” and in the third, the building “has been in a negative state of conservation since the Supreme Court granted ownership of the school to the City Council in 2011.”

This list is intended to be a tool for social participation created with the aim of raising awareness, and taking action on the heritage elements of the Spanish territory that are at risk of disappearing, according to the organisers. “We are convinced that the long-term conservation of heritage requires the firm commitment of the whole of society, of professionals in the sector, of educators, of families and of the media because heritage constitutes in itself a magnificent tool for educating, not only in knowledge but above all in values, teaching us to respect what surrounds us, to value and appreciate the different, developing the collaborative spirit that as human beings we carry imprinted in our DNA,” they argue.

For this reason, anyone can request the inclusion of any property in the list if they believe there is a certain risk of losing the value of the property, although it is the Scientific Committee of Hispania Nostra that decides, after reviewing the documentation and requesting information from the administrations or owners, whether or not to include it.

INDUSTRY AND RELIGION. Industrial heritage, with 30 properties, and religious heritage, with 20, are the most frequent among the province’s assets on the Red List. In the first case, many are related to the Canal de Castilla. In addition, there are twelve civil monuments, nine military monuments and one more that is included in the category of others.

Since the beginning of the year, eight properties have been added to the Red List. The last three were previously joined by the coffered ceilings and the Bethlén door of the church of Santa María de Colaña de Castromocho, the church, the school and the house of the director of the sugar factory in Venta de Baños, the lock-keeper’s house and the bridge in Calahorra de Ribas, the group of dovecotes in Torremormojón and the southern group of Palomares de Guaza.

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