The Case of Ardair Tari

A time span of two months and one day, between May 1 and July 5. Between the release from the Santa Bona penitentiary in Treviso and the kidnapping in Borgoricco of his former…

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A time span of two months and one day, between May 1st and July 5th. Between the release from the Santa Bona penitentiary in Treviso and the kidnapping in Borgoricco of her ex-lover and her son, taken on a mad escape northwards to Grigno, in Trentino, with the knife pointed at her throat and the threat also made to the woman’s husband, that if he called the carabinieri, they would all do “the fate of Giulia Cecchettin”. That is why in those 66 days the carabinieri of the Investigative Unit of Padua are looking to discover – through their PC and cell phone – how Ardair Taria 33-year-old Albanian hairdresser living in Silea, followed his ex-lover and her husband after he was released from prison, planning to take revenge for the end of an affair that had also cost him a sentence of 1 year and 8 months and a ban on approaching the victim for the next 8 years. In April, the Court of Appeals of Venice had converted this prison sentence into public service – under the Cartabia law – and had released him, ordering him to stay away from the woman. And he – at least apparently – had respected the statute of limitations. Until Friday morning when he decided to carry out a massacre by killing the wife, the son and the husband (summoned in Grigno) and then taking his own life: in the car the carabinieri found a baseball bat and some black plumber’s cable ties to immobilize the victims. And in his hand, Tari, he had a knife.

The accusation

For the moment, the 33-year-old is accused of kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated threats, private violence and violation of the order prohibiting him from approaching the places frequented by the offended person. The hypothesis on which investigators are working is, however, premeditation. The barber’s criminal history seems to be full of signs that will now be examined. When the woman – also Albanian – left him, he continued to harass her, even cutting her off in a car and stopping her in the street with a gun wrapped in a towel. Then the messages and surveillance that led him to violate all the tightened security measures along the way, leading to his arrest in November 2023.

The details

To understand how Tari organised himself and how long he had been planning his revenge, the Carabinieri will carefully examine the cell phone and computer confiscated from the 33-year-old’s spare room – now in prison in Trento – in Castelfranco, where his barber shop was also located, where he and she met in 2021. The Carabinieri experts have as a starting point the two GPS devices installed by the stalker under the cars of the wife and husband and found on Friday morning in Grigno: when did he install them? From a first analysis of the 33-year-old’s cell phone, it turned out that during the kidnapping and the journey along the Valsugana, Tari had followed on his phone all the movements of his victim’s husband, in order to keep an eye on him.

The cameras

The police have also asked the Borgoricco City Council to obtain the recordings from the security cameras installed in the area where the couple lives and throughout the municipal area: the aim is to scrutinize them thoroughly to find possible identifications made by the arrested man after leaving Santa Bona. And also to find out if she could have followed them to connect the satellites to the cars. The Armed Forces will also carry out an inspection at the company in Massanzago where the woman works. Meanwhile, this morning Tari will be questioned by the judge and will be able – if he wants – to explain his crazy plan.

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