Lula travels to Paraguay to participate in the Mercosur Summit

Lula travels to Paraguay to participate in the Mercosur Summit
Lula travels to Paraguay to participate in the Mercosur Summit

At the forum, host leader Santiago Peña will hand over control of the bloc to his Uruguayan counterpart, Luis Lacalle Pou.

Official circles indicated that, during the Paraguayan presidency of Mercosur, 14 ministerial meetings were held in various areas, with topics focused on education, health, justice, work, culture, human rights, environment, tourism, social development and indigenous population.

The measures adopted include the creation of committees, one of the most important of which is the committee for integrated border control.

“These committees decide on the most concrete initiatives. It is important for the region to resolve the border issue… Let’s sit down and talk,” said Ambassador Gisela Padovan, Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently.

He explained that one of the main topics of the summit is the concrete possibility of Bolivia joining the bloc.

“The country itself expects that the (Bolivian) president (Luis) Arce will arrive at the event with the ratification. I think this is a great moment for Mercosur, to see the participation expanded with the incorporation of a country as important for Brazil as Bolivia,” he said.

The economic bloc currently represents the equivalent of the seventh largest economy in the world, with a Gross Domestic Product of 2.86 trillion dollars, and covers 67 percent of the territory of South America.

In 2023, Brazil exported $23.56 billion to the mechanism and imported $17.09 billion, with a surplus of almost $6.5 billion.

Most of Brazil’s exports were manufactured goods, and the main commodities traded between the bloc’s members are automobiles, automotive parts, energy and soybeans.

After the mega event in Asunción, Lula will travel tomorrow to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra to make his first visit to Bolivia in his third term.

Arce has been to Brazil four times in the past year, reinforcing the closeness of ties between the two countries.

After arriving in Bolivia, Lula will have a private meeting with his counterpart, followed by an extended meeting with authorities and part of the Brazilian delegation. He will then attend meetings with businessmen.

According to Padovan, the visit to Bolivia is very important because Brazil is making an effort to rebuild bilateral relations in the region, which were largely abandoned during the previous government.


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