Francis, on his visit to Trieste: “We need the scandal of faith” – Pope Francis

Francis, on his visit to Trieste: “We need the scandal of faith” – Pope Francis
Francis, on his visit to Trieste: “We need the scandal of faith” – Pope Francis

Pope Francis has visited Trieste, in northern Italy, invited by the 50th Social Week of Catholics in Italy (July 3-7, 2024). After his arrival and official welcome, He gave his first speech of the day to the meeting participants. He then presided over the Eucharist in the Plaza de la Unidad.

In both instances, he has called for action in the face of apathy and indifference to the world’s inequalities. “God has always raised up prophets among his people.” No to practicing “a religiosity closed in on itself, who looks up to the sky without worrying about what happens on earth and celebrate liturgies in the temple, forgetting the dust that runs through our streets.”

In imitation of Jesus, who was rejected in his own community and died “on the cross for love,” calls to care for others. ”True faith involves following a God who humbles himself and cares for humanity,” because it is about ”a strong and powerful God, who is on my side and satisfies me in everything.” He also speaks of the “scandal of a faith that caresses people’s lives and heals broken hearts.”

Following the English elections and just hours before the French elections, Francis speaks of “political love, which is not content with treating the effects, but seeks the causes” and move away from polarizations. And he calls on Christians to speak out for those who ”have no voice.” He has also asked young people to organize projects and initiatives for political and social training, dialogue and the common good.

There, Francis recalled the work of the diocese in welcoming immigrants arriving from the Balkans. “Go ahead! Continue working on the front line to spread the Gospel of hope, especially To those arriving from the Balkan route and to all those who, in body or spirit, need to be encouraged and consoled.”

He #Papa Say hello to Mrs. Maria, a 111-year-old woman #Trieste.
Francisco gave her a rosary and blessed her.
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Francis also greeted the pilgrims of that meeting. He highlighted the blessing of Mary, a 111-year-old woman. He also met with Bishop Athenagoras of Terme, auxiliary of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, teachers, students and Wiam, a Palestinian woman who arrived from Gaza, as well as the sick and disabled.

The Pope returned to Rome at 12:30 after an intense five-hour visit. July is the month he dedicates to rest, although he made an exception with this long-awaited visit to the Trestinos.

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