The first World Cup or Euro Cup that you should remember according to your age and science

The first World Cup or Euro Cup that you should remember according to your age and science
The first World Cup or Euro Cup that you should remember according to your age and science

Sport is something that accompanies many people throughout their lives. There are those who as children were passionate about watching or practicing any physical activity, and since then they have not lost their passion. Football, of course, is no exception. At some point in their childhood, millions of people unconsciously watched a football match that for some reason left its mark on themand years later they still remember it.

In recent decades, several scientists have studied the first memories of human beings, and although it is evident that each person is a world, it is very likely that Your first memory of football dates back to a date close to what science says.

The first memories according to science

Although there are several theories, and it is almost impossible to set an exact date on which human beings create their first memories, most scientists agree that a person’s first conscious memories date back to the three or four yearsHowever, the earliest memories usually correspond to aspects of daily life, such as being able to recognize nearby people and places, or to specific moments with great emotional charge such as accidents, wars, illnesses, etc.

According to a study on the first memory published by UNIR, it can be “consider three to six years as normal limits for memory fixation”Furthermore, scientists explain that as many memories are fixed up to the age of three as from six to nine, the year in which the fixation of the first memory ends.

Another aspect to bear in mind is that when a person is young, they suffer from what is known as childhood amnesia, which causes a good part of their memories to be erased. Taking all this into account, and focusing on football, it is very likely that your first memory of the king of sports corresponds to a very specific moment and not a complete match.

First memory in football

Of course, each person has had a different context; they have watched football from a more or less young age, they have had specific personal circumstances, they have given more or less importance to the sport, etc. Even so, if we generalize we can reach the conclusion that most people have their own First memory of football around the age of six.

Furthermore, it is very likely that this first memory corresponds to a exact moment of a World Cup or a European Championshipas they are usually events that are given great importance and that people share with their surroundings. Although human beings begin to form their memories some years before, moments such as a football match are normally erased from a child’s mind. It is from the age of 5 or 6 when a good part of fans remember aspects such as a goal, a save or a celebration.

The World Cup or Euro Cup you should remember

Following the scientists’ considerations, you should have at least a fleeting memory of the first World Cup or Euro Cup that was held in from the year you turned 5 or 6 years oldTo understand this better, let’s take an example: most fans born in 2000 will remember moments like the goals scored by Eto’o and Belletti in the Champions League final between Barcelona and Arsenal, or Zidane’s header against Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup final.

From here, an approximate calculation could be made, which although it does not have to be strictly followed, can be a good reference.

Year of birth Tournament remembered
1954 – 1957 Euro 1960 – World Cup 1962
1960 – 1961 Euro 1964 – World Cup 1966
1962 – 1965 Euro 1968 – World Cup 1970
1966 – 1969 Euro 1972 – World Cup 1974
1970 – 1973 Euro 1976 – World Cup 1978
1974 – 1977 Euro 1980 – World Cup 1982
1978 – 1981 Euro 1984 – World Cup 1986
1982 – 1985 Euro 1988 – World Cup 1990
1986 – 1989 Euro 1992 – World Cup 1994
1990 – 1993 Euro 1996 – World Cup 1998
1994 – 1997 Euro 2000 – World Cup 2002
1998 – 2001 Euro 2004 – World Cup 2006
2002 – 2005 Euro 2008 – World Cup 2010
2006 – 2009 Euro 2012 – World Cup 2014
2010 – 2011 Euro 2016 – World Cup 2018
2014 – Euro 2020 – World Cup 2022

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