Professor of sexual conversion therapies | The professor accused of the therapies has treated 350 people in a center linked to the archbishopric

Professor of sexual conversion therapies | The professor accused of the therapies has treated 350 people in a center linked to the archbishopric
Professor of sexual conversion therapies | The professor accused of the therapies has treated 350 people in a center linked to the archbishopric

The professor accused of therapies has treated 350 people in a center linked to the archbishopricGerman Knight

Mother of mercy. This is the name of the diocesan Family Guidance Centre (COF) run by FM, a teacher accused of practising sexual conversion therapies on at least five of his students. This centre located in Valencia More than 350 people have participated since it was created in 2014.

F. tried to convince the students he recruited to visit that center, as he revealed exclusively yesterday Levante-EMV. The entity is defined as “A field hospital that welcomes and accompanies the suffering of many people and gives them an adequate response on a professional level, but also from the teaching and motherhood of the Church that heals hearts and wounds and offers the opportunity of a new life.”

The center has a team of 15 professionals (all of them volunteers), including family counselors, psychologists, educators, social workers, nurses, doctors and lawyers. In addition, they have a counselor with Juan Andrés Talens, director of the Secretariat for the Defense of Life of the Archbishopric of Valencia. The archbishopric, despite being contacted by this newspaper, has not wanted to comment.

Mother Josefa Campos Centre in Alaquàs, this week.

Hope is possible

FM promotes the itinerary of a faith group linked to the Catholic Church (although not officially recognized) called “Es Posible la Esperanza” (EPE). This organization openly preaches conversion therapies and He claims that homosexuality can be “cured” According to lawyer Saúl Castro, author of the book “Neither sick nor sinners: the silenced violence of conversion therapies in Spain.”

Since it was created in Valencia in 2014, 350 people have been treated. The COF handles around 40 new cases a year, in addition to continuing with those from previous years, since “many problems have to be monitored over time,” they explain.

Diocesan Family Guidance Centers They are organisms linked to the archdiocese, but which have independence when it comes to acting. In the Valencian Community there are dozens of these centres spread throughout the territory, normally run by lay people, such as FM

Mother Josefa Campos Center in Alaquàs, in an archive image.

Visible homosexuals

Among the teacher’s ideas, which can be seen in several talks posted on YouTube, are that “At the age of 11, children who live in a very difficult situation They are conditioned for life.” That is why he chooses this age for therapies, in the first year of compulsory secondary education.

The teacher is responsible for using a timeline that represents a person’s life to explain their therapies. Same material that was used with the young people in the school when I took them out of classusually during their tutorials.

FM even explains how he is in charge of “categorizing the students” before starting the course between those who had “more likely to be openly homosexual“, to tell heterosexual students who were “also going off the rails” to “avoid hanging out with them.” “The rest of the class ended up running away from us and kicking us out of WhatsApp groups,” the victims say.

Mother Josefa Campos Center of Alaquàs.

Do you like boys?

“One day I was in biology class and knocked on the door of class my tutor, F., and told me to go out. He only took me out. He took me to a quiet part of the school where no one passed by, he cornered me and asked me, “Do you like boys?”

Several testimonies They narrate similar episodes as the beginning of the therapies. If they answered that it couldn’t happen that he would leave them alone, if they said yes, their particular ordeal began.

“I had nightmares every day for a while”“My legs were shaking when I walked down the corridors just because I was afraid of running into him.” “I locked myself in the closet and didn’t tell anyone. I started to wonder what I had done wrong…” “It was very traumatic,” the victims explain.

They even remember how “F. intervened so that the rest did not join the group of gays. He said that to a friend of ours. He told him not to hang out with us. He pushed people who were starting to explore their sexuality to hang out with the straight boys who played football or the girls who played with dolls,” the students recall. This newspaper has been able to listen to several audio recordings from former students of the centre that support these statements.

Many of the young people continue to attend psychological therapy today and it is proven that they suffer from mental disorders derived from what happened to them at school and which caused sexual repression during their adolescence that left a mark on them.We needed the case to be published because we have had this in our heads since we were 11 years old. What worries us most is the thought that he continues to do the same thing to other kids,” the young people claim.

People who wish to offer testimonies, data or any information related to this topic can write to this newspaper at the following email address: [email protected]

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