Inditex and Juan Roig perpetuate their leadership in Merco Companies and Leaders 2024

The textile company and the president of Mercadona once again have the best reputation in Spain according to the results of the monitor Business and Leaders Market 2024. This year, new organizations are appearing on the monitor, which has expanded its ranking to 200 companies.

Inditex renews its leadership in the 24th edition of the Merco Empresas monitor. The textile company is once again the brand with the best reputation in the market after an analysis in which the consultancy has carried out more than 63,435 surveys, 7 evaluations and 28 sources of information.

It should be noted that this business monitor is independently verified by KPMG, according to the ISAE 3000 standard, which ensures its precision and ethical commitment. As Merco’s CEO recalls, Jose Maria San Segundo, “Being among the 200 companies in Spain with the best reputation is an achievement; improving every day is a great success.”

A top 10 with variations

The first four positions of the Merco Empresas 2024 do not present any new features compared to the previous year’s edition. After Inditex, Mercadona, Once Social Group y Repsol they repeat the position this edition.

From the fifth step onwards, changes in the top 10 occur. Coca Cola moves from seventh to fifth place; MAPFRE drops from fifth to sixth place; Ikea goes up to the seventh from the eighth; Santander moves from ninth to eighth position; Iberdrola has experienced a strong rise from seventeenth to ninth place; and Telefónica goes down from the sixth step to the tenth.

The novelty in this year’s edition is that Merco has prepared a ranking in which they are 200 organizations present, not 100. This broadens the horizons of reputation measurement and allows us to see new companies that stand out in this aspect.

So this year they appear Samsung, McDonald’s, HM Hospitals, Enagás, Pepsico, Generali, Allianz, Cellnex y Cabify. The most notable advances compared to last year correspond to brands such as Toyota, IAG, Grupo ACS, CAPSA-Central Lechera Asturiana and Google.

Juan Roig, President of Mercadona.

Juan Roig, leader in Merco Leaders for the sixth consecutive year

As regards the Merco Leaders 2024 ranking, In first place again is the president of Mercadona, Juan Roig, for the sixth consecutive year. Behind him are Ana Botin (Santander), Amancio Ortega (Inditex), Marta Ortega (Inditex), Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete (Telefónica) and Florentino Perez (ACS Group).

The top three spots in this other ranking are unchanged from the 2023 edition. Taking into account the gender aspect, this year’s monitor features 27 leading women in the top 100.

The new additions to Merco Leaders are Jose Armando Tellado (CAPSA-Asturian Dairy Centre), Alberto Granados (Microsoft), Javier Duenas (Campofrio), Ignacio Julia (ING), Alain Rickeboer (Leroy Merlin) o Elodie Perthuisot (Carrefour), among others. Merco has recognized 612 business leaders in this edition.

The best communication teams

San Segundo also congratulated the brands with the best communication teams, a specific ranking that has Mercadona as a reference. This was decided by media professionals. After the supermarket company, the top 10 is made up of, in this order: Santander, Inditex, CaixaBank, BBVA, El Corte Inglés, Iberdrola, Telefónica, Repsol and Corporación Hijos de Rivera.

Who has given their opinion on Merco Companies and Leaders 2024?

The 24th edition was attended by 1,195 executives from large companies and 703 experts from the business world. This group of experts includes 76 Dircoms and opinion leaders, 61 economic journalists, 85 members of government, 77 business professors, 90 financial analysts, 83 social media managers, 105 heads of NGOs, 69 union representatives and 57 heads of consumer associations.

In addition, 400 SME managers took part in the assessment, along with 52,131 Merco Talento participants, which includes employees, university students, business school alumni, university and business school professors, human resources managers, headhunting experts, union members and citizens.

In addition, 8,923 citizens participated in Merco Sociedad. A digital analysis of companies (Merco Digital) and benchmarking of objective indicators were also carried out.

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