This is Amazon’s thank you campaign for its 25,000 employees

This is Amazon’s thank you campaign for its 25,000 employees
This is Amazon’s thank you campaign for its 25,000 employees

Amazon has just announced that it closed 2023 with 25,000 permanent employees in Spain, achieving, two years ahead of schedule, the commitment it made public in 2021. The company thus becomes the company with the highest rate of job creation in the last five years in Spain, with more than 20,000 people hired since 2018.

To celebrate this milestone, and as a token of gratitude to the 25,000 people who are part of Amazon, it held a contest in which Kitchen was selected to develop its winning concept: “Thank you from A to Z” which connects directly with Amazon’s DNA.

The real names of the 25,000 people who work for the company have been used to bring it to life. The humour comes from the use of names of famous people or easily recognisable names that also exist in the Amazon workforce, with headlines such as: “There is something better than having a Vinicius on your team. Having two”, “Nobody knows that Berto and Andreu are great at packing”, “Having 108 Oscars is not easy”, “Rita does work here. Specifically, 7 Ritas”, “For us, Roger and Rafa are still at the top of their game” or “Kilian is not the signing of this season. (He has been on our team for a while)”.

In the words of Sergio Sánchez Caballero, Creative Director of Kitchen: “We presented an idea in which the real names of the employees played an important role, in fact they are the visual basis of the campaign. Once we won the competition, we asked them for the real data to execute it and, by having the real names of the 25,000 workers, an evolution of the idea emerged, which seemed even better to us. Luckily, the great team they have at Amazon thought the same.”

According to Fernando Antón, Head of Corporate Communications at Amazon for Spain: “For us, having reached 25,000 employees in Spain is a key milestone and that is why we wanted to create an impactful campaign that thanks and celebrates each of these people, by name. The concept developed by Kitchen captivated us from the start, as it contains the whole essence of our brand with a fun twist.”

The campaign will be carried out outdoors and on digital billboards in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Murcia, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, in the Sol de Madrid metro, on radio stations with national reach and on the company’s social networks.

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