The Umivale Activa General Assembly focuses on absenteeism at work

The Umivale Activa General Assembly focuses on absenteeism at work
The Umivale Activa General Assembly focuses on absenteeism at work

The General Assembly of Activa wash basinsMutual Collaborator with Social Security No. 3, has approved the financial results for the year 2023. A year that the mutual closes with some Integrated revenue of 1,475.15 millions of euros, basically through social contributions, and a positive result of 21.23 million euros.

Following the distribution of results approved by the General Assembly, the reservations of the Entity total 370.11 million eurosin addition to contributing to the Social Security 19.09 million euros allocated to the Cessation of Activity Fund of the Self-Employed Workers Regime. “Our 2023 figures continue to place us as one of the benchmarks in the sector, both in efficiency in the management of public resources and in productivity,” he said. Ana Benavidespresident of the mutual, representing the Santander Bank.

Benavides She was in charge of leading the session accompanied by the Minister of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana, Marciano Gomezand the general manager, Hector Blasco.

The Minister of Health, Marciano Gomezhas stated that the Ministry of Health and Umivale Activa “have a common objective, which is to raise the level of health of the Valencians. You, as a mutual insurance company, look after the health professionals and we, as a ministry, look after the citizens, but we share the interest in improving the quality of life of the Valencians.”

He also announced that his department is working “on an agreement declaring the development of a second activity of an assistance nature in the mutual insurance companies for work-related accidents and occupational diseases by the medical staff dependent on the Valencian health system to be of public interest.”

The event, which was held at the Hotel Balneario Las Arenas in Valencia, was also attended by representatives of Iberdrola y Mercadonawho hold vice-presidencies, as well as other members of their governing bodies such as the Indra groups, Naturgy, Valley Companies y Vicky Foods. They have attended besides Jose Vicente Morata, President of the Valencia Chamber of Commercethe Chairwoman of the CEV-Valencia and vice president of the CEV, Eva Blasco, Mario Basora, President of the Reus Chamber of Commerceand numerous representatives of other mutual companies such as Prosegur, University of Valencia, Polytechnic University or Catholic University of Valencia.

120 years of Umivale Activa

The Assembly also referred to the commemoration of 120th anniversary of the mpaidsince its origin dates back to 1904 with the birth of the Mutual Association of General Contractors of Construction and Master Masons of Barcelona, ​​the dean of the fifty Entities that over the years have been integrated into what we know today as Activa wash basins.

A year of growth both in terms of associated companies, more than 107,430 companies, and protected population, close to 1.575.300 personas workers, as presented in the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Report.

Benavides has also highlighted the healthcare network of 112 own centers spread throughout Spain and its nearly 1,700 professionals.

During the past year Activa wash basins managed more than 1.037 millions of euros in economic benefits from Social Security for occupational and common contingencies, benefits for risk during pregnancy and breastfeeding, care of a sick minor child and for cessation of activity of the group of self-employed workers.

Study on absenteeism from work by Ivie

The president of Activa wash basins During his speech he highlighted “the surprising and terrible evolution of the absences for health reasonswhich are too heavy a burden for the productivity and competitiveness of our country and that they are putting The sustainability of the Social Security system is at risk”.

Never before in Spain, not even during the pandemic, have we reached such negative figures:In 2023, 5.33% of the agreed hours were lost due to Temporary Disability, 29.35% more than in 2019 (the year before the pandemic) and a scandalous 97.17% more than in 2013, when we hit rock bottom with the economic crisis,” he explained.

In the search for solutions, the mutual has launched in 2024, with the collaboration of the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (Ivie), a project to study the determining factors of absenteeism at work.

During the event, the authors presented the main conclusions resulting from the three reports already published and explained the variables that will continue to be investigated, durations due to pathologies, repeated absences, comparison with variables such as age, etc.

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