The sad story behind the last song of A Star is Born

The sad story behind the last song of A Star is Born
The sad story behind the last song of A Star is Born

A star Is Born wasn’t just a reboot; it was a modern epic that captured the essence of struggle and resurgence in the music industry. Directed by Bradley Cooper, Starring alongside Lady Gaga, this contemporary take resonated deeply with audiences and critics alike. Not only did the film gross over $436 million at the global box office, it also received multiple Academy Award nominations, winning Best Original Song for “Shallow.” The songs, true anthems of love and loss, elevated the film to iconic status, highlighting the power of music to narrate the deepest emotions.

A star Is Born tells the story of Jackson Maine, a famous country-rock musician whose career begins to decline due to his problems with alcohol and drugs. One day, the artist discovers Ally, a talented singer and songwriter who is struggling to make her way in the music industry. Impressed by her voice and talent, Jackson takes her under his wing and helps her launch her career. As Ally rises to stardom, her relationship with Jackson becomes complicated. While she climbs to the top of success, he battles his own demons and his growing sense of insignificance.

Listen to the song from the movie:

The film touched the performers very closely and their personal lives influenced in one way or another the performances of the various scenes in the film. One of them was especially significant for Lady Gaga because the moment of its filming was colored by a sad event that happened in the singer’s life.

The end of the film is absolutely emotional. Ally sings one last song, named I’ll Never Love Againwhich is the last song Jackson composed before he left. This sad and melancholic scene represented a retrospective for Gaga, since shortly before filming the song began, the singer and actress received the devastating news of the death of her best friend, Sonja Durham, due to cancer.

Sonja Durham died while Gaga was filming the scene.

“My great, great, great friend Sonja died of cancer that day. We had to shoot in 30 minutes and I left the set because her husband called me and I got in the car. She died 15 minutes before I got there. I laid down next to her, with her husband, with her dog, with her son… When I came back, Bradley was so kind to me and we got through it. I performed the song. He was like, ‘You don’t have to do it again. It’s okay. ‘ All I wanted to do was sing. I’ll never forget that day. It was a very special scene and I’ll always remember that moment,” the singer told Entertainment Weekly.

“Sonja gave me a tragic gift that day, so I accepted it and went to the set to sing the song for Jackson and for her,” he said. Lady Gaga.

I’ll Never Love Again It was written by Gaga alongside Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey and Aaron Raitiere, and produced by her along with Benjamin Rice. Its lyrics emphasize the pain caused by the loss of a great love, which is so strong that the person refuses to accept that they will love another person again.

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