What is the best GPS for tracking your dog in case of loss?

Many dog ​​owners are turning to technology to deal with traditional problems that now have quick and easy solutions.

One of the greatest fears of all life is that your dog or cat is lostthese I escaped or even has been kidnapped.

In this last case things get complicated, but for loss of your pet Lately the great solution is the use of GPS locators.

Now, there are several on the market, and many are unsure which option is the best.

The best GPS for your dog or cat

The famous content creator Thomas Müllerthe human of the media dog Skadiwith millions of followers on social media, has weighed in when it comes to evaluating the most popular GPS options.

The 2 best known options are the AirTag Of the brand Apple and the GPS of Tractive.

The first thing he confesses is that he uses both GPSs, to evaluate the two with knowledge and thus be able to give an informed opinion on which is better.

Thomi explains that both have their pros and cons, and analyzes what they are:


  • Pros: A bit cheaper; longer battery life (almost a year); smaller and more ergonomic
  • Cons: Less accurate for locating; needs to be closer; less durable and does not last many minutes submerged in water; not rechargeable, requires batteries; requires accessory to mount on a collar


  • Pros: Long range location, without being close; it is more robust and resistant, even to water; rechargeable via USB; adjustable to the collar or harness without the need to buy accessories
  • Cons: Somewhat more expensive as it includes a SIM card and more features; shorter battery life (one month); larger, especially in XL dog sizes

Final verdict

Thomi explains that although both are good options, he would opt for the Tractive GPS as it is more specific and accurate in terms of locations, allowing more additional measurements on your phone such as defining routes and knowing the kilometres your furry friend has walked. In addition, it would be more useful in case of loss.

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