Ryan North’s Fantastic Four #1-4

Original edition:Fantastic Four vol.7 #1-4 (Marvel Comics, 2022-)
National edition/Spain: Fantastic Four #1-4 (Panini Comics, 2023)
Script: Ryan North
Drawing: Iban Coello.
Inking: Iban Coello.
Color: Jesus Aburtov
Format: Staple. 24-40 pages. €3.30-€4.60

On the limits of reality. – Mandatory

“Tomorrow will be another day”

We review the first issues of the latest relaunch of the first Marvel family. Ryan North (The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl) picks up the baton from Dan Slott willing to bring freshness and creativity to the series. At the time of his announcement, the Canadian screenwriter was clear about his objective, faced with the large scale that the stage of Slott, North He expressed his interest in betting on smaller stories. We will see if this bet pays off or if it falls by the wayside.

In the first four issues, the scriptwriter remains faithful to his idea. The author has previously mentioned the influence of science fiction series in the style of Star Trek o The Twilight Zone in the 60s and this beginning makes clear the line that the series will follow. The Fantastic Four find themselves with an unusual problem, they get to the root of the conflict to solve it and move on to something else. It is not the intention of the comic to present apocalyptic or cataclysmic threats, rather, the idea is to show how our heroes reach a solution in a satisfactory way.

In these first four issues we have self-contained stories, as will be the tone of the series. We find the Fantastic Four separated, the reasons for the breakup are unknown and little by little the script reveals details. The first story is told from the perspective of The Thing, the next follows Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman and in the third issue we follow The Human Torch before the fourth issue, very appropriately, in which the family is finally reunited.

The tone is far from the epic of the stage of Hickmanthe feeling it conveys is that of a light-hearted adventure, with a jovial tone and a sense of humor. With this, and without an overall story that serves as a connector between the issues, the script faces two challenges: maintaining the interest and originality of its proposals and telling complete stories in 25 pages. North The first is achieved at the beginning of this stage, and it remains to be seen if it will be consistent in the future, the second is solved with outstanding mastery by the Canadian. The rhythm of the script avoids feeling rushed while allowing the plot to go through all its phases. But the greatest achievement of the screenwriter who won the Eisner It is found in its dialogues and in the way the interpersonal dynamics of the Fantastic Four are shown and developed, with an approach that brings out the humanity of its protagonists.

The Spanish accompanies all this work with pencils Iban Coellothe Veneno cartoonist does a solid job with the colors of Jesus Arburtov achieves an air of ease and liveliness. All the ideas of North are rendered with freshness and the Spanish artist is a perfect match for the scriptwriter’s premise. The legendary Alex Ross handles the cover art, delivering as usual some of the most visually interesting covers on the shelves.

This new beginning may not be to everyone’s taste, and the tone that is revealed here is the one that will persist throughout this stage. North He has a clear idea for The First Family and carries it out with craftsmanship and determination. The result is an intelligent comic that exudes confidence and is enjoyable to read and one of the most different series he publishes. Marvel at the moment. Now that the team has been assembled, we will see what adventures they have in store. Ryan North for them in the future.

The four issues are now available in Spain, published by panini comics.

The best

• The originality of the proposal.
• The familiarity with which he treats his protagonists.


• Having to wait to see all four reunited.
• The tone of the stage may not be to everyone’s taste.

Original edition: Fantastic Four vol. 7 # 1-4 (Marvel Comics, 2022-) National edition/Spain: Fantastic Four # 1-4 (Panini Comics, 2023) Script: Ryan North Drawing: Iban Coello. Inking: Iban Coello. Color: Jesús Aburtov Format: Staple. 24-40 pages. € 3.30-4.60 On the limits of reality. – Mandatory “Tomorrow will be another day” We review the first issues…

Ryan North’s Fantastic Four #1-4

Ryan North’s Fantastic Four #1-4


Pablo Jimenez

Script – 8
Drawing – 7
Interest – 7.5



A smart, confident, enjoyable comic, and one of the most diverse series Marvel is publishing at the moment.

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