The Civil Guard is asking for a lot of attention to what is happening in flats across Spain

The Civil Guard is asking for a lot of attention to what is happening in flats across Spain
The Civil Guard is asking for a lot of attention to what is happening in flats across Spain

The Civil Guard warns of a new modality of scam that, if you are not careful, it is very easy to fall into it. Following the Major Security Plan, a proposal by the State security forces to raise awareness To the elderly about possible scams, the Civil Guard has launched an alert on social networks warning of a potentially dangerous fraud: the installer scam.

It’s all about trust

If a couple of people in overalls and carrying a toolbox ring your doorbell, you might think they’ve been sent by the electric company or something. But there’s a chance that, Instead of being light workers, be thieves looking for an opportunity. This scam is based on the acting skills of the perpetrators and in the breach of trust of the victim. When we open the door of our home to someone outside we have to make sure that their intentions are true.

How does the scam work?

Scammers show up at homes posing as workers from the electricity, water, gas or other service company. They go convincingly dressed and they may carry some logo of the theoretical company they work for. Their priority is to appear as convincing possible to gain entry into the victim’s home.

From the moment the door is opened to the scammer two things can happen. The criminals may pretend that they are working or make an unnecessary minor change And after finishing, they give you a bill which they will collect themselves. Also, while they pretend to work, they will take advantage of the opportunity to steal any valuable object that they come across and come away unscathed with the loot.

On the other hand, it can also happen that, once they enter your home, they commit a crime. robbery with possible violence or coercionforgetting their alibi. The aim is to overcome the barrier of the entrance and, once inside, take advantage of the victim.

Avoid being scammed

You have to be very careful when opening the door of your house to anyone you don’t know. Services for checking the facilities or repairs They must always be requested in advance. If someone shows up claiming to do an inspection, review or installation without prior notice, distrustEven if they swear they belong to the company and that it will be a very quick repair, they will always let you know if a technician needs to come to your house.

To check if they are telling you the truth, you can request their worker’s card corresponding to the company they represent. You can also Call the company’s official numbers and confirm if it is true that a technician had to come to your house.

If when speaking to customer service you explain to them that You have doubts about their technicians and you think you are being scammed, they will help you confirm your doubts and advise you on how to act. Electricity, gas and water companies are the first to They don’t want scammers using their name. or logos to steal money.

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