Avowed will have a third-person perspective – XBOX on MundoInsider

Avowed will have a third-person perspective – XBOX on MundoInsider
Avowed will have a third-person perspective – XBOX on MundoInsider

In the realm of gaming, where tastes can vary greatly from person to person, it’s not often you find a game that aims to please such a wide variety of players. However, Obsidian Entertainment is betting on this path with its next RPG, Avowed.

Scheduled for release in late 2024, Avowed represents an interesting step forward by offering players a new and immersive option: You can choose between first and third person viewpoints while playing.

Avowed director Carrie Patel has verified this information, sharing the details during an Xbox podcast. This decision is generating buzz and excitement, especially for people who may be uncomfortable with first-person view or the wider viewpoint offered by third-person.

Changes that improve gameplay

Now let’s talk about the changes to the player experience. First, it’s all about making a choice. Whether you struggle with motion sickness when using first-person view or prefer to observe your character’s armor and equipment from a third-person angle, Avowed offers options for everyone.

This flexibility is different from Obsidian’s previous game, The Outer Worlds, which only had a single-person point of view that remained constant. From this, it’s clear that Obsidian is paying attention to the wishes of its community and making changes accordingly in Avowed.

And there is more; the game It also introduces many new elements to enhance gameplay.It has things like the day shift, which makes it feel more real, and a group camp where characters can talk to each other; these details prove that the game offers an immersive experience.

Besides, Players will be able to create their characters’ skills and attributes however they want thanks to the classless progression system.This means that you can choose and mix different skills from various paths, creating a unique character without being restricted by traditional classes.

If there comes a time when someone feels remorse for their decisions regarding how they formed or improved their character, there is an option that allows you to change your character’s skills and attributes without having to start over from the beginning.

A highly anticipated game

The hype around Avowed is strong, and you can see why. The Obsidian team’s dedication to making a game that looks great and is filled with love for the details shows well.While we await further information on its release date, one fact remains true: Avowed has every hallmark of being a game that not only embraces player choice, but encourages it.

Are you ready for Avowed’s third-person gameplay? As you can see in the trailer above, shown at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase, Avowed appears to offer several elements to appeal to different types of players.

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