Indra to equip US airports with technology for surface aircraft surveillance

Indra to equip US airports with technology for surface aircraft surveillance
Indra to equip US airports with technology for surface aircraft surveillance

As a technological leader in the aviation sector, Indra has announced an important contract with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)The Spanish company will supply its Surface Awareness Initiative (SAI) systems, an advanced solution for the surveillance and monitoring of aircraft on the surface, with the aim of reducing the risk of runway incursions.

Cutting-edge technology for safer aviation

The UPS solution Indra’s AeroBOSS has been approved by the FAA for use in more than 250 countries. air traffic control towers and approximately 200 additional airports managed through the Federal Contract Tower program. This system uses technology from ADS-B surveillance y Satellite connections and 5G networks to provide air traffic controllers with a complete picture of the situation and position of aircraft on the runway and platform, contributing to a comprehensive management of airport security.

The implementation of this technology in American airports is key, since in recent years there has been a significant increase in runway incursionsa security problem that puts aircraft, passengers and airport staff at risk. With Indra’s SAI system, controllers will be able to have a clear view of surface movements, allowing them to effectively prevent such incidents.

Consolidating Indra’s Leadership Position in the US Market

In addition to the contract to supply the SAI systems, Indra has renewed its exclusive agreement with the FAA for the supply of DME systems, which guide aircraft during their approach to the airport or along their routeWith more than 250 DME units already supplied, Indra reaffirms its position as Leader in technological solutions to modernize air traffic in United States.

It is worth noting that Indra not only works with the FAA, but also provides coverage for air navigation aid systems to other key entities such as the US Air Force and the US Navy. This demonstrates the confidence that major government and military agencies of the United States have in the experience and technological capabilities of the Spanish company.

In summary, this new contract with the FAA represents a important milestone for Indra, consolidating its position as one of the world leaders in the aviation sector. With its cutting-edge solutions, Indra ensures that ensure the safety of 85% of passengers who fly every day around the world, thus contributing to a Safer, more efficient and more sustainable aviation.

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