The Malastardes Association brings culture to the streets this summer

The Councilor for Culture and Celebrations, Carmen María Mohíno, accompanied by José Ramón González, president of the MalasTardes Association and Sacramento Martín, As a member of the Association’s board of directors, they have presented the activities that the cultural association will carry out over the next few months.

The councillor first thanked the association “for the intense work they have been carrying out since 2019, consolidating themselves as one of the major references at the provincial level within the panorama of cultural associations”.

“On this occasion, they come to present us the program of activities to be developed during the summer period, where they have scheduled a series of events, routes and conferences that will help us learn about our municipal history, our cultural, landscape and ethnographic heritage” says Mohíno.

Finally, the Councilor for Culture assures that this is “an association that is succeeding in reviving those amateur historians that we have “among our city, that they once again have that desire to investigate and to learn more about our traditions and that this historical power that we often forgot, thanks to them, is once again in our cultural panorama and among the activities of the City Council and the Culture area.”

For his part, the president of the Association was in charge of specifying the summer activities “It is a magical time that can be used a lot, enjoyed a lot within that historical and scientific rigor, but at the same time close.“.

“We already did a ‘night route’, At dusk on June 21st, and taking advantage of the fact that the days were still cool, we visited `Bocanegra´ “This is a very important volcanic area in our municipality. About thirty people participated in this activity, enjoying these places that go so unnoticed, because as we are used to seeing them we do not stop at the details. These visits are a way of keeping that memory alive.”

“The following activity, González continues, a monographic activity focused on the visit to the temple of Our Lady of the Assumption of Miguelturrawhere we will see exactly what the architectural, historical, archaeological and heritage characteristics are of a building that is emblematic for the people of Churriego but also a great unknown and that, however, is a Heritage Centre not only spiritual but a witness to the times of the evolution of our people.”

This activity will be July 11th at 9:15pm (prior registration required) meeting at the fountain in the Plaza de la Constitución and starting first with a visit from the outside and then a detailed visit inside the church.

The following activity is a Historic hiking route, also in the late afternoon, along the boundaries of the municipality of Miguelturra which borders Fernán Caballero to the north through the Peralvillo alley.

“It will be a very beautiful route that will allow us to see surprising landscape contrasts around the tributaries of the Guadiana and will be held next year. August 24th. The idea It is to leave the Fernán Caballero square, which is also a way of joining sister territories, to reach Peralvillo” adds the president of the association.

“As is customary, it is already tradition, we will present On September 5th, issue number 5 of the Malastardes research magazine will be published, and on the 9th we will take a walk, also through the town, around literature and historical figures.”

Therefore, José Ramón González concludes, “I encourage everyone to join in and enjoy these charming summer nights that allow us to do things other than what we usually do.”

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