A team of psychologists helped bring the emotional universe of teenagers to life

A team of psychologists helped bring the emotional universe of teenagers to life
A team of psychologists helped bring the emotional universe of teenagers to life

Specialized consultants have returned to work on the film to report on the evolution of the adolescent brain

With its box office success and critical acclaim, any previous doubts that might have existed regarding the sequel to ‘Inside Out’ have been dispelled. How do you follow up a film that many considered perfect? ​​It seems that part of the answer lies in taking Very seriously the concept you handleat least as far as the science behind the film is concerned.

‘Inside Out’ was not just an intimate dramatic comedy about the life of a girl, it was largely the result of a psychological study on children’s emotions. Aspects such as how many emotions to introduce into the film and how they affect Riley required the professional opinion of psychologists to guide Pixar to make something that could feel close to reality.

Teenage complexity

‘Inside Out 2’ has followed this path and has seen the introduction of a new consultancy called Lisa Damour, Child Development Psychologist who has written three books dedicated to teenagers. In an interview with Vox, he stated that the difficulty in this new story was in representing that the brain of teenagers at 13 becomes much more complex,

Before the age of 13, children have concrete thinking. They cannot always see things from another perspective. Then, around the age of 13 or 14, the ability to imagine themselves on the outsideof imagining different scenarios, comes as a result of brain development. With that arrival comes the ability to be embarrassed and to imagine what others think of you. Or to be envious, to want something someone else has and to want to know why you don’t have it. Boredom is so fun and wonderful, and it reflects the natural disdain and exaggeration that teenagers can feel about everything. And, of course, Anxiety is one of the main pieces of this film.

Specifically, anxiety has been one of the central points of interest for both the script team and the consultants. The key to finding the right representation was reflect the two-dimensionality of sensationSimilar to how Sadness is portrayed in the original film, the negative side of the emotion is evident, but it had a positive counterpart that helped Riley’s development.

Anxiety has a protective function and it’s not necessarily always negative. Most people don’t know that. But we’re at a point in culture where we’re quite uneasy about any emotion that makes us uncomfortable, and we’re quick to pathologize negative emotions. In this film, they’ve done a brilliant job of depicting a spectrum of what anxiety can be.

Of all the new emotions, anxiety is undoubtedly also the one that is most integrated into social discourseThe normalization of mental health in the media and on social media has made it a topic of conversation for some time now, and this is something that has undoubtedly had an effect on the development of the film.

Anxiety is absolutely an essential part of life. It protects us, it helps us imagine and anticipate things that could go wrong, it helps us course-correct and make better decisions. It can tip us into being out of control. It’s very valuable for anxiety in this film to consider both the healthy and unhealthy sides so that families can discuss what kinds of anxieties they may be feeling or seeing.

But his role has been so key that has transcended the family discourseWhat was intended to be a clever reflection of teenage anxiety has resonated deeply with adults, with several texts in recent days talking about how they have identified with what they saw in the sequel. The emotions, well represented, are universal.

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