The Logroño City Council will start tomorrow in La Estrella a new campaign of special and intensive cleaning by neighborhoods

The Logroño City Council will start tomorrow in La Estrella a new campaign of special and intensive cleaning by neighborhoods
The Logroño City Council will start tomorrow in La Estrella a new campaign of special and intensive cleaning by neighborhoods


He Logroño City Council will start tomorrow in the La Estrella neighborhood a new special and intensive cleaning campaign in several neighborhoods of the city, which will last until the has been advanced this Monday by the Councillor for the Environment, Jesus Lopez.

In this sense, The councillor assured in a press conference that “when the Popular Party came to power in this City Council, it was clear that one of its main priorities for improvement was the cleanliness of the city.”

So, One of the first measures adopted, he recalled, “was the removal of pigeon nests. We have removed more than eight hundred wood pigeon nests, which are the ones that cause the greatest sensation of dirtiness due to their droppings, mainly in parks in the centre and in certain geographical areas of the city.”

To this he added a second intervention, “which is to create a new figure, that of intensive neighborhood cleaning, which has been put in place since we came into power at the beginning of the year,” when until now, he pointed out, “they had only been carried out in the month of October, after the San Mateo festivities, throughout the city.”

“What we have been doing since January – Jesus Lopez stressed – is carrying out four actions a year, obviously involving the company, so that the action has no cost for the City Council. The first of these interventions was carried out in February, and now, tomorrow, we begin the second of the actions.”

In the words of the councilor, “the The objective of this action, which will be carried out in eight peripheral areas, is to reinforce the effects of ordinary cleaning activities with new mechanical and manual resources that allow us to tackle certain tasks that cannot be solved with the usual equipment.”.

The A special and intensive cleaning campaign will begin tomorrow in the La Estrella neighbourhood. Later, and on successive dates, the means that make up the device will move to Los Lirios (day 10), Varea (11), Madre de Dios (12), Yagüe/El Arco (16), Valdegastea (17), Campillo/El Cortijo (18) and Montesoria (19).

In these actions, Different manual and mechanical means will be used to multiply the action of the services that are normally available, among which the Councillor for the Environment has listed pressure washers, mechanical sweepers, blowers or manual washing.”

In these special campaigns, Special attention is also paid to cleaning drains, weeds and drain grates. “It will be done in each case based on the needs that are observed and without this reinforcement of resources being to the detriment of other services that must be provided in the rest of the city.“, said Jesus Lopez.


It is Special cleaning campaigns are scheduled and carried out on a quarterly basis in the different neighbourhoods of the city. The areas of action in each of them, as well as the specific objectives with which they are planned, are decided in meetings between the municipal technical services and the UTE Logroño Limpio according to priorities.

In addition to these special campaigns, The four-week intensive cleaning campaign is planned to continue during the month of October following the San Mateo festivities.

The campaign has a specific programming set in advance and covering the entire city, taking into account the priorities established by the Environment Unit and the requests of the residents’ associations.

Another measure that has been taken “and that I have already put into practice as councilor for the environment and that had never been done until now, is that of Visit the three centres to which the human staff of the UTE Logroño Limpio travels every morning and returns at the end of their day, firstly to meet them in person.“.

“Y, Secondly, López continued, which is more important, to ask them for greater involvement where they see special actions that need to be carried out and where it is not possible to clean up that dirt, basically pigeon droppings and stains that are impossible to remove with the elements that they carry.“.

Thus, He has asked workers to “record these incidents in their daily work reports so that, on a daily basis, communication work can be carried out to make the cleanliness of Logroño look better.”

Both the removal of pigeon nests and these intensive neighborhood-specific campaigns and this involvement of the cleaning service in observing areas where cleaning can be improved and where mechanical means can come to clean, will make the improvement of cleaning a continuous improvement within the city and we hope that this will result in citizen satisfaction.“, he assured.


On the other hand, The councillor recalled that the new schedules for mobile recycling centres have come into service today, which are basically moved forward by one hour.

Logroño has a municipal network of clean points made up of a fixed clean point located in the municipal cleaning park facilities located at 18 La Nevera Street, Portalada II industrial estate, and two mobile clean points that move around different areas of the city according to pre-established locations.

“With this change, The entry and exit times are brought forward by one hour, to prevent the staff who are attending these mobile recycling centres from being in these collection booths during the hottest times, which are not exactly the most suitable for having to be there during times of high temperatures.“, concluded the Councillor for the Environment.

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