The day Whitney Houston unexpectedly grabbed a microphone and dazzled Elton John, Sting and Luciano Pavarotti

The day Whitney Houston unexpectedly grabbed a microphone and dazzled Elton John, Sting and Luciano Pavarotti
The day Whitney Houston unexpectedly grabbed a microphone and dazzled Elton John, Sting and Luciano Pavarotti

The American singer surprised the great artists

The late pop star, Whitney Houstonsurprised the audience of the Carnegie Hall in New York during a charity concert organized by the Rainforest Foundation on April 9, 1994At an event that brought together major figures in music, Houston showed a little-known side of herself. on talent in interpreting the famous aria “La donna è mobile” from Verdi’s opera Rigoletto alongside the legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti, Sting y Elton John.

In the opening bars of the performance, Luciano Pavarotti He took the microphone to sing the opening lines of the joyful aria. Then he invited Sting to join in, who jokingly made a gesture of wiping his sweat before giving a respectable rendition of a Verdi verse. However, the real surprise of the evening came when Whitney Houston She surprisingly intervened with a pure and precise soprano voice. Houston maintained a G5 with elegant vibrato and impressive breath control which sparked an immediate ovation from Sting and the audience.

Houston surprised the audience with a pure soprano and maintained a G5 with elegant vibrato (REUTERS)

The night continued with Elton John contributing her voice in another verse, while Pavarotti took up the song amid deafening applause from the audience. Whitney, once again, She grabbed attention by hitting a high note above the male voices. The performance culminated with Pavarotti finishing the aria and Sting surprising with a “thought!” in a high B flat held for seven and a half seconds.

Despite being world-renowned for her pop hits and her role in the film “The Bodyguard,” Whitney Houston demonstrated tonight that she possesses an impressive ability for lyrical singing, a talent that has remained largely hidden. Houston was clearly enjoying her time on stage alongside Pavarotti, Sting and Elton John.

In addition to her stunning rendition of the Verdi aria, Houston performed two more songs that evening: “If It’s Magic” of Stevie Wonder and its iconic hit “I Will Always Love You”. Whitney’s presence at this event reflected her versatility as an artist and her ability to move audiences with diverse genres, very different from what she was used to.

Whitney also sang a song by Stevie Wonder, a close friend of Luciano Pavarotti (AP)

This event highlighted the Houston capacity to dominate not only the pop and R&B stages, but also the demanding terrain of opera. Although this performance was not part of the “Pavarotti & Friends” concerts or official recordings, it marked a special moment in his career, revealing a facet of his talent that few knew.

As the world mourns the loss of Whitney Houstonwho passed away in 2012, this memory of her brilliant performance at Carnegie Hall remains alive in the memory of many. She not only left a mark on the music industry, but also broke cultural and social barriersbecoming an icon for various communities around the world. Its ability to connect with your audience through your voice and your performance It is a quality that few artists possess.

In addition to her musical and film career, Whitney Houston had a great influence on the representation and visibility of African American artists. In an era where diversity in the entertainment industry was not as prominent, paved the way for future generations of singers and actors. Her success in a predominantly white field demonstrated that talent and dedication can transcend racial barriers and create changes in social and cultural perceptions.

In her career, Houston broke cultural and social barriers, leaving a profound legacy (Getty Images)

Philanthropy was also an essential part of Houston’s legacy. Throughout his life, he supported various beneficial causesespecially those focused on the disadvantaged children and young people. His commitment to the Fundación Whitney Houstonan organization aimed at helping combat problems such as drug abuse and school dropouts, showed its desire to make a positive difference beyond the stage.

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