Another day of garbage strike in A Coruña

Another day of garbage strike in A Coruña
Another day of garbage strike in A Coruña

The conflict at the garbage strike concessionaire is now in its second week with no solution in sight. “This evening was not called for either, and yet the percentage of collection is noticeably low,” admitted the mayor, Inés Rey. The strike will begin today, as will tomorrow, so it is expected that the garbage will once again overflow the containers and invade the pavements.

This is an intermittent strike, as the councillor recalled. This means that activity will resume on Wednesday. But last week there was no strike either, and yet the service rarely reached 100% in any neighbourhood. We are going to demand strict compliance with the minimum services (which the workers threatened not to comply with), and we will impose the necessary penalties on the company. “I know that the company is sanctioning workers who are not performing and who are not meeting the objectives on days when there is no strike,” she said.

Rey reiterated that he would not accept any kind of blackmail. “We cannot take all the citizens of A Coruña hostage,” he added, while promising to “take all the measures within our power.”

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