Podemos will appeal to the Constitutional Court if the Murcian parliament’s sanction against one of its deputies is confirmed

Podemos will appeal to the Constitutional Court if the Murcian parliament’s sanction against one of its deputies is confirmed
Podemos will appeal to the Constitutional Court if the Murcian parliament’s sanction against one of its deputies is confirmed

Podemos has announced that it will avoid by all possible means the sanction proposed to one of its deputies in the Assembly of the Region of Murcia, Víctor Egío, who faces a month’s suspension from his duties after refusing to leave the plenary session of parliament. If the sanction is confirmed, they will file an appeal for protection to the Constitutional Court. The events date back two weeks. As described by the party, “after receiving a series of personal insults and hoaxes from the spokesperson of Vox for enjoying a six-week paternity leave,” Egío asked for his turn to reply for personal allusions. The President of the Chamber, Visitación Martínez (PP), did not grant it to him.

The president suspended the session after the Podemos MP refused to leave the chamber. A little over a week later, the Parliament’s Commission on the Status of Members of Parliament has considered, by majority, that Egío committed infractions of “sufficient gravity” to constitute “punishable conduct”: “Voting cannot be interrupted for any reason,” the Assembly has reproached in a statement issued by the Assembly.

“Throughout this process, the minimum guarantees required in a democratic Parliament have been violated,” said MP María Marín. Podemos has argued that Egío requested “her legitimate turn to reply” based on article 93 of the Chamber’s regulations. This manual of conduct specifies speaking times for certain cases, such as in the case of “allusions that imply value judgements or inaccuracies in relation to the person or conduct of a member of parliament or a parliamentary group.” In such situations, it is stipulated that it will be the Speaker of the Chamber who “will grant the person referred to or the member of parliament who is the spokesperson for the parliamentary group the floor for a time not exceeding three minutes so that, without going into the substance of the matter under debate, they may strictly respond to the allusions.”

“Those who propose and approve the ruling to sanction our colleague are none other than the Vox spokesperson who insulted him and the president of the Assembly, who did not let him defend himself,” Marín continued. “They cook it up and eat it.” According to her, it is “a summary trial”: “We are not allowed to present witnesses or any kind of appeal, an inquisitorial process more typical of the Middle Ages than of a modern democracy.”

The spokesperson for Podemos has announced that, if the Assembly confirms the sanction, Podemos will “immediately” present an appeal for protection before the Constitutional Court “denouncing this process, which has been flawed from the beginning”. “We are going to present this appeal for the suspension of our colleague – Marín explained – but above all because the time has come to stop an unleashed far right, to which the Popular Party has rolled out a red carpet and given it free rein in the Assembly”.

The MP has taken stock: “Two weeks ago it was Víctor Egío who suffered their lies and attacks for enjoying paternity leave. Last Wednesday they referred to the socialist colleagues as a mafia gang. It is an escalation that is not going to stop here, that is going to increase, because it is the only thing that can be expected when the president of the Assembly rewards the harasser and punishes the victim.” In this regard, she has pointed out that the sanction proposed by the president of the Assembly, supported by the Popular Party, “sends a very clear signal for them to do it again, because they are going to give cover to these extremists.”

The MP has denounced that this is not “an isolated case”. She has recalled that, in this legislature, the Popular Party reduced by half the time of the interventions of the mixed group, where Podemos is located, and that the plenary sessions of control of the councillors have been suppressed to avoid, according to her, “uncomfortable questions”. “And now they propose to suspend for the first time in the history of the Chamber a deputy, also from Podemos, the colleague Víctor Egío who only wanted to defend his right to paternity leave against the hoaxes of the extreme right”, she has explained. Marín considers that “there are too many coincidences to not think that they attack us for being from Podemos”.

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