The long process to municipalize the home help service in San Fernando ends

The long process to municipalize the home help service in San Fernando ends
The long process to municipalize the home help service in San Fernando ends

San Fernando/This definitive step puts an end to years of struggleWe are very happy and excited about what we have achieved, because we We have found many stones on the road and the criteria for carrying out the administrative process have been changed many times,” said the spokesperson for the home help service workers, Mariola Quesada, approval by the Plenary of the termination of the process to municipalize this service.

This has undoubtedly been a triumph that is entirely ours. The medal belongs to my team and I am very clear about that.: if anyone has achieved something, it is them. We must remember the sixty-nine long days, with their nights, that we remained camped at the doors of the City Hall. and we were faithful to our demands to solve precarious and unsustainable working conditions. To do this we had to give up our own work-life balance and even our holidays, since our protests coincided with the summer,” the spokesperson continued.

“Despite having to go through a very bad time during these two months, we are very proud of the bonds that were forged during them and that united us forever. It has been a long and very hard road in which We have been overwhelmed time and again as the months went by and no progress was made. Fortunately, all that is now behind us.“Quesada concludes, visibly excited, while adding that the workers will be vigilant to ensure that improvements are implemented, such as the 35-hour workweek that has always been demanded.

Credit Modification

With applause, hugs and tears of joy from these professionals, an extraordinary plenary session ended which began by addressing the credit modification necessary for this municipalization. The municipal delegate for Economic Development of the San Fernando City Council, Conrado Rodríguez, showed the satisfaction of the government team regarding the conclusion of this process: “We begin the week with a very happy day for the workers of this staff and for Those of us who are here to change realities that improve the quality of life of citizens. And all of this from the public management of municipal services. We are committed to better public services and to ensuring that the people who provide them do so under fair working conditions.. Especially when it is one like this, which serves to help those who need it most and which involves great physical and mental efforts. A bet that would not have been possible if the economic situation of this City Council had not radically changed, which has seen its debt reduced to zero.”.

Both the PP, Vox and AxSí have regretted in this extraordinary plenary session that they had to resort to a credit modificationthe fifth on the previous extended budget, to carry out this operation, and more so when a new Municipal Budget has just been approved.

Mayor Patricia Cavada congratulates the workers on the municipalization.
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Hemsa commission

The plenary session continued with the commissioning of the municipal company Hemsa to provide the municipal home service. Rodríguez recalled that “this point has been reached as a result of the demands of the staff to have decent working conditions and to get out of precarious conditions”. The delegate also recalled that Before the City Council agreed to take over management from the municipal level, an attempt was made to include social clauses in contracting that could not be implemented due to the interpretation made by various administrative courts of the Public Sector Contracts Law.

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group Andalucía por Sí, Fran Romero, has also stressed the triumph of these professionals: “Let no one doubt that we are here thanks to the struggle of some workers who passed the last term They have suffered a complete lack of oversight from a local government that did not control the obligations of the contracting company. They have had a really bad time due to the lack of diligence of this government.”.

Romero has also been very critical of the timing of the government team regarding this process: “These workers camped for more than two months at the doors of the City Hall without a visit or a gesture of empathy or sensitivity on the part of the mayor. Then, in the summer of 2022, it took five months to approve a commission to address this issue, another five months to initially approve the report, another seven months to definitively approve this report, another four months for Esisa to be recognized as its own medium and another four months that have elapsed for this assignment, with the extension of the previous contract in between last March. These are not the times for a diligent government that places the situation of these workers as a priority.”.

The spokesperson for the Vox Municipal Group, Carlos Zambrano, has also valued this process “When one studies this file, one sees that it is a botched job. This is a deception of the workers and the users. We must remember that we are here because the workers alleged breaches by the contracting company, such as harsh working conditions, instability in the hours assigned and in the payrolls and failure to comply with training obligations. We asked that the contract be monitored, that a new one be put out to tender and to be part of the commission to determine a management model. We were told no to everything,” says Zambrano.

“Despite this, we voted to approve the report with the sole condition that Esisa met the legal requirements to be an in-house media outlet. And this has been done without any favourable report from the General Secretariat, the General Audit Office or the Municipal Treasury. Something that makes it very difficult for any private company that wants to challenge the process.. On the other hand, we have no evidence of what improvements the workers will enjoy,” says the Vox spokesperson.

The Popular Party councillor, Carmen Roa, justified the negative vote of the island’s PP: “At the time we told the workers that We were going to vote no if things were not done well and the truth is that only one thing has changed: before we had the reports from the Intervention and Treasury against us and now we also have another one from the Secretariat against us.. This group voted no in December and Vote no today because the law is not being complied with and that is fundamental. We cannot go hand in hand if the legal requirements are not met.”.

This is the summary of a Plenary Session in which the last step of the process to municipalize the home help service was formalized, which From next August it will be transferred to Hemsa. A day that has meant a great sigh of relief for the workers and that fills these professionals with hope for the future.

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