“Child abuse, stabs more ferocious than daggers” – Última Hora

“Child abuse, stabs more ferocious than daggers” – Última Hora
“Child abuse, stabs more ferocious than daggers” – Última Hora

Cardinal Adalberto Martínez, Archbishop of Asunción, yesterday called for the protection of children from abuse and mistreatment, pointing out the seriousness of taking advantage of the innocence and dignity of people, describing these acts as “stabbings more ferocious than daggers and knives.”

This, during the homily of the Sunday mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral. The primate said in the face of cases of abuse that “the cry cries out to Heaven” and that it is the obligation of the father and the mother to be the first responsible for the custody, the safeguard and protection of the integrity of their sons and daughters, in defense against this terrible epidemic of child abuse and mistreatment, sexual and erotic abuse.

He asked parents to be zealous guardians of the well-being and integral and dignified growth of their children. ”Wounds and abuse hurt forever. There are hearts deeply damaged by these social scourges. The Church itself must be a safe space for children in the daily exercise of good treatment that must become culture, valuing the human character in its proper dimension.”

The cardinal stressed the need for everyone, not just parents, to become vigilant in preventing abuse. ”We are all called to be vigilant so that our children are not abused, mistreated or victims of brutal violence, harassment and evil insinuations. Illicit acts must be denounced.”

There is a need for State policies that promote integrated and supportive human development. “Solidarity in the protection and struggle for the rights of children and adolescents who are victims of abuse and exploitation is essential. We will fight and continue to fight against abuse and violence in family environments.”

He recalled that one does not share the love of God when those on the front are classified and condemned as enemies and when those who are different, those who do not align themselves with the personal whims of the group, are discriminated against and reprimanded.

He also said that “to commune with death is to make enemies and to denigrate, they walk in the wrong paths impregnated with corruption and perdition.” Those who commune with hatred say: “For enemies, expulsion and for friends, hitmen, the reward.”

The cardinal called for solidary and firm action to eradicate poverty and inequality in Paraguay, referring to the deserts of indigence that exist in vulnerable areas. “Solidary and firm hands that work without compromise, designing State policies that attend to the integrated, sustainable and solidary human development of our Paraguayan population.”

The State must promote and recognize the right to free association, to form unions for lawful purposes, to work and cooperate for the common good, for the justice and poverty of our national population, to eradicate social measures that cause poverty and inequality.

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