Roberto Jimenez, Mayor of Dosquebradas


Validity 2024

08 Julio 2024

“Today is a historic milestone for this beautiful municipality called Dosquebradas. Here we are as an institution, as a community and as civic groups moving forward in a dream; but, more than that, in a reality. A reality called “The Viaduct Always Alive: a social, cultural and tourist connection.”

These were the words of the Mayor of Dosquebradas, Roberto Jiménez Naranjo, during the opening ceremony of the first day of cleaning and recovery of the linear park – Viaducto César Gaviria Trujillo.

The Dosquebrada leader also indicated that this is a socio-economic strategy that seeks to strengthen the social fabric in the area and natural and sustainable tourism for the region.

“We are a strategic point in the region, with the capacity to provide a charming space from this viewpoint, an infrastructure that not only allows vehicular and pedestrian mobility, but also offers everyone magical experiences from material and immaterial connections. This point, where we are, will be the entrance to the Tourist Window of the Coffee Region, where we will give way to the immense and infinite offers of goods and services for its residents, visitors and tourists.”
Meanwhile, the executive director of the Coffee Region Tourism Cluster, Edwin Mauricio Ocampo Galvis, said that “in this project, the unions, civic groups, the community, the Risaralda Governorate are all involved. Likewise, other regional entities such as the Pereira Mayor’s Office, national entities such as Invias, the Ministries of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Culture and Labor are involved.

Interesting Fact

• This year the César Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct celebrates 27 years since it began operating to connect the cities of Pereira and Dosquebradas

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