Swiss cooperation to boost tourism in Huila • La Nación

Swiss cooperation to boost tourism in Huila • La Nación
Swiss cooperation to boost tourism in Huila • La Nación

The Huila department has been one of the regions that has received the most support from the Colombia más Competitiva Program, where the execution of four projects in three of the four chains of the Program (specialty coffees, specialty cocoas and sustainable tourism) is co-financed.

Within this framework, projects with a landscape focus are being developed in Huila, seeking to achieve cooperation and strategic alliances between different actors to establish a common purpose to protect and preserve the environmental, social and economic surroundings.

“In terms of tourism, we are working on a sustainable tourism approach. It is a project that has been achieved in the south of the department with San Agustín, Isnos, Pitalito, and soon we will work on some landscaping issues. We are reviewing the possibility of increasing the scope and coverage of these projects, to see if we can work in other areas of the department, in the north, center and west, which also have some possibilities for working on landscaping,” said the Secretary of Economic Development of Huila, Ricardo Vera Torres.

Huila is also developing initiatives that not only enhance the natural and cultural beauty of the area, but also promote responsible and sustainable practices. In particular, work is being done intensively in conjunction with Swiss cooperation in the south of the department, in municipalities such as San Agustín, Isnos and Pitalito. These efforts include the implementation of landscaping practices that seek to improve and preserve natural environments. In addition, the possibility of expanding these projects to other areas of Huila is being explored, including the northern, central and western areas, which also present great potential for the development of sustainable landscaping initiatives.

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