Status of the La Línea road: landslides, closures and backflow

Status of the La Línea road: landslides, closures and backflow
Status of the La Línea road: landslides, closures and backflow

Image of the removal of material in La Línea. / Courtesy of Invías

Photo: Invías

This Monday, the National Institute of Roads (Invías) reported on the progress in removing the material left by the landslide in the Calarcá – Cajamarca corridor, on the La Línea highway, which has affected the area since last Friday.

“Work continues to remove the landslide at kilometer 29 of the Calarcá-Cajamarca highway. In the early hours of the morning, two new events of material falling occurred on highways 34 and 3, in the Tolima-Quindío direction,” said Rodrigo Osorio Tovar, territorial director of Quindío for Invías.

According to Invías, part of the resources were allocated to addressing these events, “which caused a delay in addressing the main event. Today we increased capacity with additional machinery.”

With the support of traffic authorities, counter-flow operations were coordinated to evacuate the stuck vehicles. This will cause delays in the opening of the road.

It is worth remembering that the corridor had been affected since Friday, when there was a fall of material of about two thousand cubic meters. Since then, the concessionaire has worked to reopen the road as soon as possible. But the recent landslide has delayed it even more.

On Sunday evening, the entity opened the passage to one lane on the Calarcá – Cajamarca corridor. “At kilometer 29, in the Tigrillo Lanudo Tunnel sector, periodic preventive closures will be carried out to guarantee the safety of workers and road users,” explained Invías.

At kilometre 29 and kilometre 34, material removal work had advanced considerably, with progress of 40% and 60% respectively. However, the recent landslide at kilometre 38 has required the redeployment of personnel and equipment to this new affected area.

Engineer Juan José Oyuela Soler, Director of Execution and Operation of Invías, said that “we have made significant progress thanks to the work of the operation and maintenance team and the micro-entrepreneurs of the Institute, as well as the support of the Traffic and Transport Police and other authorities. The partial opening of the road is an important step, but we will continue working tirelessly until we completely reestablish safe traffic.”

The Institute asked users to stay informed about the status of the roads through the entity’s official channels, such as the toll-free number #767 and the WhatsApp channel +57 322 9667597.

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