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The month of July, the seventh of the year, is transcendental in national history. On the 24th in 1783, Simon Bolivarin Caracas, who would later be recognized as one of the greatest men of America and would receive the honorable title of The Liberator, in recognition of his stellar role in the liberation of Venezuela and four other nations in the south of the continent. A multifaceted man who not only fought on the battlefield, but also deliberated in a leading role in different Congresses and would be the promoter of laws, proclamations and documents of diverse nature, so that our emancipation movement was not only military, typical of the time, but also had a very high legal and political content.

July 5, 1811 was another fundamental milestone for our nationality. The representatives of seven Provinces declared the unavoidable will to be free, sovereign and independentabsolved from all submission and dependence on the Spanish crown, constituting the American Confederation of Venezuela, with ideas expressed in two important documents, the Act of Independence, drafted primarily by Juan Germán Roscio and endorsed by the Secretary of Congress Francisco Isnardy, and a Manifesto to the World, which details the reasons that support our right to freedom within a sovereign State.

Incidentally, we remember that the month of July was feared by those of us who were educated during the second half of the 20th century, without a pre-established right to promotion to a higher grade at the school, secondary and university levels, without demonstrating the prior fulfillment of the duty to study and having adequately prepared ourselves for rigorous exams that determined the alternative of passing or failing, the latter with the possibility of retaking some subject, and even dragging it on until proving sufficient knowledge, while taking the next higher grade. July, in this year 2024, is unprecedented, the National Electoral Council The National Constitution set the presidential election for the 28th, without making public the specific reasons for its decision. Neither the National Constitution nor the special laws that govern the matter determine the opportunity of its celebration, it is only set by the Magna Carta on January 10 of the first year of the constitutional period (2025-2031), for the inauguration of the elected candidate. However, by tradition and based on the principle of the continuity of the norms of constitutional rank not expressly reformed, in this case CN1947 and CN1953, to which I have referred in previous articles, the election should be held between October and December 2024.

After 24 years of exercising government without interruption, the so-called Socialism of the 21st Century With two Presidents of the Republic, one of military origin and the other civilian, he must present himself before a popular, universal, direct and secret consultation with the intention of continuing in the exercise of power.
Because these are particularly difficult elections, where several political parties that should be the protagonists in our electoral system are judicially intervened and therefore, did not elect candidates as provided for in their constitutive and internal regulatory norms; where the political and legal reasons that led to the disqualification of Mrs. María Corina Machado are not clear, who clearly has the fervor and preference of the people on her side, but supporting the proposal of Dr. Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia As the only opposition candidate, and when the government appears exhausted, with a string of unfulfilled promises and gross acts of corruption brought to light by the authorities themselves, it is convenient, as a support for credibility, that the National Electoral Council inform the reasons for the break in the traditional setting of the date for the selection of the President of the Republic, aware as we are that the long segment between the election and the effective assumption of office is not a coincidence.

Also together with the National Armed Forcesmust address the country stating that there is no possibility of any variation in the conditions already published, guaranteeing peace and the normal development of all electoral acts. It is not necessary for the participants to sign any instrument, the purity of the elections is a citizen’s right extended to the candidates and, in parallel, a duty for the authorities. God bless Venezuela!

Jesus A. Jimenez Peraza


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