A new law proposes this for Florida schools, but not all want to implement it

A new law proposes this for Florida schools, but not all want to implement it
A new law proposes this for Florida schools, but not all want to implement it

In the last weeks, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a package of laws which covered different areas and modifications. These included: a reform in the educational field, which came into force on July 1

and which generates controversy among schools in the Sunshine State for a peculiar reason.

It’s about the HB 931, also known as “School Chaplains,” which enables public school districts to incorporate this figure on a voluntary basis and with the aim of supporting students with prior consent signed by their parents. The regulations produce mixed opinions in the different centers of the territory, according to the Miami Herald.

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Florida lawmakers approved the law signed by Ron DeSantis

in April, which makes the school chaplaincy program voluntary for both families and public institutions. In this way, it would not violate the provisions of the United States Constitution regarding religion and education.

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The Florida county that will implement the law

Upon approval of the law, Some school officials said they have no plans to implement it, as in Orange, Hillsborough or Broward counties.The main discrepancies in the law are the questioning of the abilities of the candidates for chaplaincy who apply, the practices already implemented by schools to attract volunteers and mentors, and the separation between religion and education.

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Meanwhile, the program was put up for consideration in Miami-Dade Countywhile a study on this practice in schools is expected to be presented to the School Board in the remainder of July.

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