AMLO Supports Changes to Judicial Branch Reform: ‘If You’re Going to Get Rich, Go For It’

AMLO Supports Changes to Judicial Branch Reform: ‘If You’re Going to Get Rich, Go For It’
AMLO Supports Changes to Judicial Branch Reform: ‘If You’re Going to Get Rich, Go For It’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said today, July 8, 2024, that he agrees with being asked changes to the proposal of constitutional reform to modify the Judicial Branch of the Federation and recognized that, even, the initiative He applied without the requirement of having five years of experience.

Various forums have been held in Mexico to debate the scope of the proposed reform to the Judicial Branch, in response to which Lopez Obrador He has pointed out that what he is mainly looking for is initiative It is the popular election of judges, magistrates and ministers, and has also insisted that the rights will be guaranteed rights of employees.

It should be noted that part of the controversy that the President of Mexico has pointed out regarding the Power of attorney It is a series of trusts, amounting to around 15 billion pesos, which were even proposed to be used to support the reconstruction of Acapulco due to the damage caused by Hurricane Otis.

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AMLO, open to ‘enriching the proposal’

During his morning press conference this Monday at the National Palace, Lopez Obrador He insisted that “the reform is important and to do it without imposing anything, without excluding participation, without submitting to it.” scrutiny public the current judges, magistrates and ministers, and that the people decide, that there is a long, necessary period, so that all those who want to participate are known.”

Lopez Obrador He pointed out that those who apply can present their profiles in the media of the state. “The same Supreme Cut has a means of communication, which is present before the people, to make known their background, those who are already there and the new ones.”

Let there be participation and also adjustments. We do not want our initiative to be approved without removing a comma. If it is going to be improved, if it is going to be enriched, then go ahead.

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President admits that “we missed” a requirement

López Obrador acknowledged that he forgot to include a requirement for potential participants to occupy positions as judges, ministers or magistrates, in case the reform to the Judicial Branch is approved.

We forgot about the initiative that those who can participate must have 5 years of experience, we forgot about it, because I am more in favor of a woman or man who graduates as a lawyer and goes out, with great enthusiasm to enforce the law, is full of freshness, ideals, putting into practice that there is nothing outside the law and no one above the law.

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They go against ‘sabadazo’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that an important part of the constitutional reform initiative is to put an end to the so-called “sabadazos“, which is when judges usually issue releases on Friday night so that, a day later, alleged criminals leave the jail.

The idea of ​​judges ordering the release of criminals on Friday evenings, the classic ‘sabadazos’, should be banned. How can we still be in these times with the ‘sabadazos’?

Ricardo Monrealwho has coordinated national dialogues for judicial reform, has noted that “the people of Mexico deserve a Power of attorney efficient, impartial and transparent; therefore, reforming the Constitution it is essential”.

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