Did Karol G send Maduro a song for his campaign? This is what the Venezuelan president said

The presidential elections in Venezuela, which will take place on July 28, have the country and the world waiting to see what will happen in the Latin American country. In the midst of its course, Presidential candidate Nicolás Maduro, who is seeking a second re-election, said that his campaign song is by Karol G..

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What does Karol G have to do with Nicolás Maduro?

The Venezuelan president, who is seeking to remain in power, recently passed through the town of Petare, in the state of Miranda. From there, Nicolás Maduro made some statements about Karol G that are trending on social media.

“Karol G sent me a song for the campaign”the 61-year-old presidential candidate assured on stage in front of dozens of people. He added that “we are going to launch it in these days and I have already rehearsed the dance, because here they know me as ‘el gallo pinto’, but Outside they are calling me ‘Nicol G’I do not know why”.

Following Nicolás Maduro’s statements, the Colombian singer Karol G has not spoken out to confirm whether she delivered a song to the Venezuelan president.

Maduro compares himself to Karol G

This is not the first time in the midst of his political campaign that Nicolás Maduro has made reference to the Colombian singer. In a recent interview he also compared himself to her and mentioned that his new nickname will be ‘Nicol G’.

The Venezuelan president made this statement after Karol G completed her successful concerts at El Monumental in Caracas, Venezuela, on March 22 and 23. According to the politician, as well as the interpreter of While I heal from my heart filled the stadium, he will do so during the presidential elections as well.

“After the concerts that took place at the Monumental, Internationally they call me ‘Nicol G’. Because of Karol G, I am now called ‘Nicol G’, better known as ‘Nicol G’, and soon I will fill the Monumental as well,” said the Venezuelan president.

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