Perspective and goals of the new deputy director of the Iturraspe Hospital

Perspective and goals of the new deputy director of the Iturraspe Hospital
Perspective and goals of the new deputy director of the Iturraspe Hospital

With 25 years of experience in the institution, he expressed his enthusiasm and commitment to the hospital, describing it as an integral part of his life and family.

In a recent interview, the Dr. Elba Constantino, recently appointed deputy director of the local hospital, shared his emotions and responsibilities in this new role.

“Is a happiness and one very big responsibility. I have been working at the hospital for 25 years. I think it is a joy because it is part of my life, it is part of my home, of my family and ultimately I think that at this time I can say that together with the team that has been formed, we have the capacity to carry out what is needed to… defend public health. So, well, I am really happy.

Regarding her appointment as deputy director, Dr. Constantino explained: “Well, the director of the hospital, Dr. Pepino, made the choice, she called me to propose the idea and, well, after evaluating it, I accepted it with great responsibility.”

In addition to her new role, Dr. Constantino highlighted her participation in the hospital’s Bioethics Committee: «The Bioethics Committee has been formed for many years here at the hospital and we have participated together with other colleagues and we belong to the bioethics network of the province, All public officials in the province have their Bioethics Committee and well… a topic that day by day became more important and that today, in terms of its implication in daily life and fundamentally in what is health, and in public health specifically.

The doctor also detailed her medical training and previous roles, including her specialty in medical audit and his experience in intensive therapy. Regarding the Iturraspe hospital, Dr. Constantino highlighted its regional importance and the increase in patients due to changes in the health system:

“The hospital is a reference centre, without a doubt, the most important in the entire San Justo department, both in public and private health, and it has a coverage of more than 250,000 inhabitants.”

Finally, Dr. Constantino shared her future expectations, focused on improving the care and quality of public health in her community:

«My expectations are that we can provide better public health and, as a public health advocate as I am, that every person who needs to go to the hospital is well cared for and that we can fundamentally resolve the most important thing, resolve.»

The interview concluded with words of gratitude and commitment from Dr. Constantino towards the community and her hospital team.

Elba Constantino is the new deputy director of the Iturraspe Hospital

Verónica Pepino, head of the Iturraspe hospital: commitment to excellence in medical care

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