Province launches measures to combat online gambling among teenagers – News Center

Province launches measures to combat online gambling among teenagers – News Center
Province launches measures to combat online gambling among teenagers – News Center

Six officials spoke at a press conference on Monday. The Governor’s Office said that the problem “has worsened” and that boys and girls get into debt at a very early age. 80% of gambling takes place on illegal platforms.

He Government of Buenos Aires presented this Monday a Program to combat illegal online gambling, a growing problem among teenagersfor which he launched a interdisciplinary work table which will be structured in seven points related to the creation of an observatory of gambling addiction, awareness in schools, regulation of advertising, control and attention to the problem in mental health centers.

Among the measures announced, the strengthening of the Gambling Addiction Care Centers was mentioned, one of which operates in Olavarría, at Hornos 2992 or by telephone at 410102.

According to Digital Wellbeing Survey carried out by the Province, the 22% of teenagers use the phone for more than 8 hours y Almost half do it for more than 5 hoursMeanwhile he 34.4% bet at least once. “The relationship with the digital environment is very deep in this population; gambling addiction is not only individual, it has a social and community order”he said Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Nicolás Kreplak within the framework of the presentation of the program.

The Buenos Aires Government, which has already begun to work on the problem together with the City of Buenos Aires, also reported that “more than 90 influencers” who promote these illegal online sites have already been reportedand that if they do not stop with these advertisements they will be notified by means of certified letters.

At a press conference held this morning, the Minister of Government, Carlos Blanco, said that “80% of bets take place on illegal platforms” and gave details about the inter-ministerial working group to combat the problem.

“It is a problem that has worsened not only among teenagers but also in the family environment”said the minister. In this regard, he said that the new Buenos Aires program is structured in seven axes and called on the national government to “get involved” in the issue.

For its part, the Secretary of Culture and Education, Alberto Sileonireferred to The “constant invitation” that young people are encouraged to enter online betting by major sporting competitions and pointed to football.

“Of course It is important to make the distinction between legal and illegal gambling.but we must also point out a certain cynicism when in the Copa America and in the Eurocup, and in The shirts of the major Argentine teams and the national team have advertisements about gambling siteswhich means a constant invitation to play for young people,” he said.

In addition, the Minister of Security of Buenos Aires, Javier Alonsoreferred to the The need for the Central Bank to establish a parental control system on transfers made by minors and that the Financial Information Unit (UIF) works on strategies of monitoring of financial flows on those who are part of the illegal gambling network, while calling for greater controls on the use of virtual wallets among children.

He also said that most young people who develop a dependency on gambling get into debt and are more exposed to the possibility of committing other crimes in order to pay off their debts.

The main points of the program

1. Creation of the Observatory of Adolescent Gambling Addictiona network of studies and analyses to understand the underlying problems.

2. Realization of awareness and dissemination campaigns where the dangers of compulsive gambling are highlighted through forums, talks, distribution of awareness-raising materials, teacher training and financial education programs.

3. Controls: include the submission of biometric data on all sites to discourage underage gambling. “In the 4,700 schools we will block the IP addresses of all gambling sites”Bianco said.

4. Treatment and care: prevention and assistance for online gambling addiction through the line 0800-222-5462 and the enhancement of gambling addiction centers that are located in several cities, in the interior in Necochea, OlavarriaBahia Blanca, Tandil and Pergamino.

5. Detection and reporting: the creation of a commission against illegal gambling. “We ask for the collaboration of the national government, we need the collaboration of Enacom and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to block these sites, most of which are hosted in tax havens abroad,” added Bianco.

6. Regulation of advertising through the Institute of Lotteries and Casinos in the regulation of advertising with preventive legends so as not to associate it with personal success.

7. Interjurisdictional cooperation: working table with the City of Buenos Aires and the necessary regulatory adjustments also in the Buenos Aires Legislature. “The borders are very blurred, it is a complex issue and the neighboring jurisdiction is also concerned”Bianco said.

Compulsive Gambling: “Symptoms begin to appear in very young people”

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